Lobiviya — care at home


Lobiviya is one of the most common cacti, has a spherical or cylindrical shape and large flowers, the shape of which resembles a funnel.

Flowers can be red, purple, orange, yellow or cream color.

The flower is relatively undemanding, so easily created the conditions for its flowering. Most importantly, follow the rules, which are due to the home cultivation of cacti.

Growing lobivia

 Location and lighting

The representatives of this kind of unpretentious, easy to blooming, in spite of this do not forget about their highland origin.

In summer, plants need plenty of sunlight, active ventilation and significant diurnal temperature swings, spring time he needs a light shading.

Place the cactus need bright and cool places. The room should be aired. Ideal for plants – window South-West and the South.



The plant is simply necessary for diurnal temperature changes, this is due to the mountainous origins.

In addition, the temperature in the room where located lobiviya, in the winter time should be between 8-10°C. Minimum temperature of the contents is 6°C.

Watering and humidity

In the spring the plant starts to pour just after the flower buds appear, otherwise, may be suspended flower development.

In the period of active growth, the cactus needs abundant watering and fertilizing. In July, the flower is temporarily not watered the plant a needed rest.

Since the middle of August, watering is resumed, thus gradually decreasing by the end of October. Thus, the plant prepare for winter rest.

The plant is favorably tolerate a dry atmosphere, so no need for spraying.


Feeding begins in March and ends in September, it was at this time there is strong growth lobivia.

As fertilizer is a special fertilizer for cacti, apply it once every 2 weeks. In the cold season, the plant does not need to fertilize.

Transplantation and propagation

The most common way is reproduction of lateral shoots — suckers. It is also possible from seed.

In order to obtain sufficient flowering plants, they must be grafted onto resistant rootstocks (these can be trichocereus, prickly pear and pereskia).

Pests and fight with them

Representatives of this kind affects the mealybug, scale insects, spider mites. From mealybug rid of with a brush soaked with alcohol, you can also handle flower systemic insecticide.

To combat San Jose scale plant is treated with tincture of soap and garlic, instead you can apply actellic, Malathion, Akhtar.

Infusion and decoction of yarrow, garlic, onions, alder and some chemicals (sulfur, Malathion, iriverter, aktellik, neuron) will help to get rid of spider mites.

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