Lithops — home care


Lithops — made rock-like plant, which is due to similarity of appearance with the stone called «living stones».

The usual place of residence is simply the desert.

The plant belongs to the family asovich and has more than 60 species. Happens lithops from South Africa.

Beautiful lithops consists of many pairs of identical leaves that reach a height of 3 cm.

The leaves are mostly yellowish — brown with white flowers that emit a light fragrance. Leaf color is green with a beveled surface, have dark spots.

The plant likes bright sunlight all year round, summer needs to maintain temperature to 24 degrees, and in winter to 12.

The cultivation of lithops


During the growing season to water lithops need in moderation and with caution. Excessive watering can lead to rapid rotting of the roots.

The normal period can not be watered at all. Correct watering is the key to proper plant growth.

It is impossible to avoid getting water on the leaves and in the hollow between the sheets. To avoid this you can drain out the stones, which separate the lower part of the leaves and upper part of the roots from touching. You can also make a tray, however it is less effective.


Reproduction is by seeds in early spring. Seedlings are best advised to pour from the tray or pipette so that the moisture reaches only around the leaves and absorbed quickly.

Lithops tolerates drought and dry air, but in very hot weather you can create a little humidity around it by using a fine spray.


Transplantation happens only when the pot is completely filled with roots. Transplant need in a wide container with a small depth and high drainage layer.

The soil should contain one part leaf land, one part sand, 1/2 part clay. It is advisable to make the upper drainage of the gravel.

Lithops it is important to provide loose and moisture capacity of soil, peat soil mixes pots cannot be filled out.

It is advisable to prepare the soil with their own hands. The main component will serve as leaf mold, which is a mixture of decomposed birch leaves along with the ground.

Such land can be found in the spring in a birch grove, you can take from the melted snow. It’s okay if birch growing on peat, the land will even be useful for lithops.

Further, this land is mixed with red clay, previously dried and still raskroshil. The main leavening agent will serve as an ordinary river sand, which must be well rinsed and calcined.

Before planting, be sure it is important to disinfect soil mix to withstand it , for example, on the baking sheet in the oven for half an hour.


Feeding is carried out only in the case that the plant does not transplant more than 2 years. The dose is calculated as specified by the manufacturers and doubled twice.


Like most plants subjected to damage spider mites and mealybugs. It mostly happens in the winter.

For this plant is covered with a protective means, which consists of pulp of garlic, diluted with water. This means you must understand the leaves.

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