Lightning rod (lightning rod) with his own hands

lightning rod (lightning rod)

This spring, I first thought about the construction of lightning protection system in the suburban area because during a storm, being in the house, feel not comfortable.

Close to giving any of a tall tree there, and a thunderstorm was rolling so much and seemed so close that his idea immediately decided to make a reality.

In people, the lightning rod is often called a lightning rod, so consonant to the ear, so we will go about it. Is this design to capture the lightning and direct them towards the ground, so as not to damage the house.

A lightning rod with their hands

The lightning protection system consists of 3 components: lightning protection, grounding, and grounding conductor.

Lightning – top design that takes a lightning strike on himself. It I made from metal rod ø10mm length is 1800mm. On the top welded the tip ø16mm and a length of 300mm. Can be done from a solid rod of 16mm.

Grounding conductor – steel wire ø6mm. Its length depends on the distance from the lightning to the grounding. It took me 15m of wire. I have it allowed on the outside roof and outside the house.

Earthing – steel pipe ø42mm I 2m hammered into the ground. Cemented all the parts for welding, although it is possible to use a bolted connection, soldering.

The main thing to design was reliable and safe. If there are doubts about the reliability, you can buy the entire lightning rod Assembly and detailed installation instructions in the online store, offers a lot.


The lightning conductor was fixed on the highest point of the building – chimneys. The metal rod should be as high as possible, according to my calculations I had a 1.5 meter height, so the entire house was protected.

In order to calculate the area that will protect the lightning need from the top point of the lightning to lower the beam at an angle of 45°.

Accordingly, the higher the lightning rod, the greater the area of your plot will be protected.

The ground wire is allowed on the roof of the house, and then through the wall and sealed with staples, leaving a distance between the surface and the wires 15., although the roof I have is not flammable, and therefore requires no additional fire protection measures.

Grounder killed at a distance of 2 meters from the house, away from the garden paths. This site was chosen thoroughly so that during the discharge there, even accidentally, could not be man.

As you can see the lightning with your hands is the power of everyone. Now every year in spring I spend inspection of all parts of the lightning protection system, the integrity of all elements and fixtures and when I am in the house during a thunderstorm, feel relaxed ugh, ugh, ugh.

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