Light-loving houseplants

Light-loving houseplants

Indoor plants create a cosiness of our houses, decorate the interior, pleasing to the eye.

Some light-loving plants, not whimsical care.

Put them on the window sill, except for the Northern side, providing diffused light.

Also excluded the burning rays of the sun.

To determine what colors of light can not enough according to the following criteria:

  • -stops the growth;
  • — fall, wither, turn yellow the leaves of plants (especially the lower one).
  • — new shoots are smaller in size;
  • the stem becomes brittle, thin;
  • — formed a small number of buds at flowering, they stop development, fall;
  • green those letters, which previously had a variegated color.

These signals will warn you that plants need more light.


The most popular light-requiring plants is a Kalanchoe, begonia, geranium. They need minimal care. Therefore, they can often be found not only in homes, but also office.

Kalanchoe is a medicinal houseplant. Homeland — South America. Blooms profusely all year round. Flowers plants – wide variety of colors.

It can be grown both in the apartment and in the country. Not contraindicated to place pots of Kalanchoe in children’s bedrooms.

Perfectly purifies air, strengthens the immune system the person is able to recover its antiviral activity. If you place the Kalanchoe on the South side – put the paper in the heat of the sun.

Watering should be moderate, when dry land. If you fill the plant will rot. 2 times a month should feed it with mineral fertilizers (in summer). If the plant has changed a lot, shorten it, cut off the tip with 3-5 leaves and root it.

Begonia – ornamental-flowering plant. Happy flowering for several months. Leaves of different colors.

Light-loving houseplant — must-lighted place, high humidity. Protect from direct sunlight, otherwise it will be burns.

Not like a draft. Moderate watering. Only separated by water. To feed better during the flowering period (2 times

Light-loving houseplants

month). Propagated by cuttings or seeds.

The most common houseplant on the windowsill — geranium (pelargonium). Homeland – South Africa. Needs regular watering.

Excess water to drain from the tray when the water passes through the soil. It is desirable to add fertilizer, which include ash.

When the flowers are gone, cut off the shoots. To light indoor plants include: ficus, potted rose, rose. But they require more care and attention.

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