Leviziya — care at home


Leviziya is a perennial low-growing plant, has more than 20 kinds of varieties.

It is characterized by ornamental flowering throughout summer time.

Flowers grow to a diameter of 5 cm and have pink, orange, white or yellowish color. The plant grows as a shrub, reaching a height of 30 cm.

Growing in soil

The cultivation is done in soil, or in pots. The best place for growth will be Sunny, but with a combination of easy pritenennoe.

Leviziya prefers well-drained, acidic and loose soil. Watering should be moderate, without the assumption of saturation.

Watering the plant, it is necessary to ensure that moisture does not get to the leaves and flowers. During the summer period, approximately once a month, you can add mineral and organic fertilizers.

More frequent addition may give a negative result. In the winter leviziya requires no additional shelter.

Growing in pots

If the plant is grown in pots, in this case you will need a substrate mixture of soil, sand and compost.

The pots should be small and be sure to have drainage holes. On the bottom of the pot it is necessary to lay drainage.

The plant is best in warm period contain in the fresh air, you can bring to the country. At the time of the growing season the soil should have good moisture, but not waterlogged.

In the heat of lewisii often stops growth and it was during this period need to stop watering. But humidity is necessary to maintain. Transplanting every spring or autumn.


Lewisia propagated by cuttings or seeds. If reproduction occurs by seeds, sow them in autumn, in the month of October in the open ground or spring planted seedlings.

Before planting, seeds should be stratified for one month. To perform this procedure is possible by sowing the seeds in loose moist substrate.

Then they are covered with wrap and placed in a cool place, such as in the refrigerator. When the seeds germinate, transfer them to a warm and bright place.

After a period of frost the seedlings planted in the open ground. In this reproduction leviziya begins to bloom two years after planting.

Adult plants are formed side outlet, which are cut and planted in pots. Before you put the slices need to handle a special tool and a little dry.

The cuttings watered infrequently and after rooting, transplanted to a permanent place of growth.

Diseases and pests

Leviziya can sometimes suffer from slugs or aphids, and excess moisture causes the roots to rot.

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