Leaf spot plants and flowers

leaf spot

If the leaves of the plants began to cover the small spots, it is likely to blame bactericidal or fungal infection.

This disease is very common in Central Russia and in some other regions.

Leaf spot causes a lot of harm to the cottagers, amazing garden and vegetable culture.

It can also affect plants, causing trouble for gardeners.

Suffer from spots begonia, gippeastrum, Azalea, dracaena, Anthurium, dieffenbachia, and that is especially unpleasant orchids.

If the disease is mild, it is not very dangerous. But even with a slight lose part of the plant, dramatically reducing the immunity and vitality.

The affected flowers has all the chances to be infected with more serious diseases.

The fungi that cause leaf spot plants prefer a warm atmosphere and high humidity. The same conditions better for an exotic decorative deciduous plants, settled on your window sill.

You are unlikely to create these plants the tropics, but applying preventive measures, you can avoid infecting your Pets spotting.

Infection can occur in several ways. The most common is the air route and through contaminated soil. Pathogens get into the soil with plant residues.

If potted plants placed on the balcony, the small spores of fungi can get to by air from the neighbor’s flowers.

The first signs of spots on plants can be very small spots, which have different colors, red, white, and gray.

They are flat and convex and with time they become more and more, after a while the stains can be completely absorbed by the entire sheet.

Leaf spot plants and flowers

To deal with the spotting plants, you can contact with systemic fungicides. Tools such as fitosporin, chorus, Gamair or Amiga Peak can provide quality care in the treatment of the disease.

Making a choice in favor of exotic plants must be given to preventive measures. You need to promptly remove and carefully dispose of remnants from the surface of the soil, withered leaves and flowers that have finished flowering.

For houseplants need proper care, it will allow them to maintain a high immunity and diseases such as leaf spot, they are not terrible.

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