Laying hens – the conditions of detention in the household

Laying hens

Mainly in the household has chickens laying hens. Conventional chicken can bring a couple of eggs for three days.

But to achieve such performance, you need the birds to provide the necessary conditions and balanced food.

If all of this is organized, the hen will lay eggs even in winter.

Laying hens

Another important issue is the selection of breeds of hens. One of highly productive breeds is the Leghorn.

Chickens are a great acclimatization, different precocity and endurance. During the year, a hen lays more than 200 eggs. The weight of each egg is from 54 to 60 Gy.

Maximum performance can be seen in the first year after the occurrence of oviposition.

Fertilization of eggs is about 94%. Safety of young growth at the level of 88-93%. The chick is not actually an instinct for incubation. But there are exceptions.

Of laying hens kept in a cage, the age should be the same, which in turn will have a positive impact on egg production.


To make cells use mesh (netting) with the smallest window. The grid is attached to a wooden frame.

In a cage have to be a drinker and a feeder. The floor should have a slight slope for rolling of eggs in capacity.

The presence of the rooster in the cage with laying hens is not necessary. The number of eggs is not reduced. Most often laying hens rushing for 3 years. After culling, the cage should be disinfected.

The house should be warm, bright, dry and with ventilation. The allowable amount per square meter is 3-4 birds. In order that the chickens could walk in the sun, in the house doing lazy.

If the goal is to get the eggs every day, the chickens need to be fed special food. This feed, which includes everything you need for birds ingredients.

For one hens enough 180 grams of this feed. That feeding was moderate, it is better to use a hopper feeder. Overfeeding is not valid because it would negatively affect egg production.

So what better hen not to Supplement. Dry food is better in winter and in summer

Laying hens

better to eat greens, vegetables, hay dust.

If the food is wet, it is necessary to give so much to the chickens ate it within half an hour. Otherwise, it sours and spoils.

Also must be water, fresh and clean.

As mineral supplements can give the shell, fodder chalk mixed with shells. This approach eliminates the risk of rasklinivanie eggs.

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