Lawn with their hands

lawn with their hands

When creating a new lawn with your own hands, guided by the ambient temperature and soil moisture.

The best time of sowing, windless spring day, when the street is already warm, but the ground is still dry.

Land for the placement of lawn, prepared in the fall, remove the turf layer of the soil and remove the roots of weeds.

Then add the necessary amount of land for levelling the surface to the desired level, and hold digging to a depth of bayonet spade.

Seeding a lawn with your hands

In spring before sowing of lawn fertilizers with a high content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium at the rate of 1.5 kg per sq. m., or 15g/m2). These nutrients support the young seedlings in the early stages of growth.

When manually seeding the lawn, so as not to trample down the seed, it is recommended to use two sheets of plywood so the soil does not remain traces from the sole. The seeds should be well mixed, because the heavier varieties tend to be on the bottom.

For uniform sowing the seeds of the lawn can be mixed with sand (1:1), the resulting mixture is divided into two parts: one is distributed along the section, the other across.

So occupied will be more uniform. Along garden paths and around the edge of the lawn seeded somewhat thicker than other places. Sow the seeds carefully buried in the soil with a rake.

In the evening be sure to carry out abundant watering, the moisture should penetrate the ground to a depth of 10cm., but don’t overdo it, the formation of puddles and stagnant areas of water are not permitted.

Irrigation is sprinkler irrigation, in order not to wash out seeds. Subsequently irrigation should be performed daily until the appearance of mass shoots.

A break of several days can be detrimental to seeds. Usually seedlings appear in late second or early third week.

Mowing the lawn

Mowing is necessary to maintain the appearance of your lawn, plus it is a great way of controlling weeds.

Many of them simply can not withstand this procedure, and after several operations, they disappear. Mowing the lawn helps the plants to custimise to form new shoots and grow a dense turf. The meadow type lawns are cut at the beginning of mass flowering, when the ground reaching a height of 6cm.

Weed control

Established lawn all the rules, but without proper care, will quickly turn into the, so care for her need to constantly with the emergence.

In the first summer season the load on a lawn you want to restrict. Try once again not to go, and to protect from Pets, especially dogs.

From time to time on the lawn will be weeds, their seeds can get to you from the neighboring plots

Lawn with their hands

via birds and wind. Timely pruning promotes the development and spread of weeds.

Besides spoiling the appearance of weeds is able to displace the cultural grass, consuming nutrients and extracting large quantities of moisture.

For effective weed control, in addition to haircuts, you can conduct manual weeding. The best results can be achieved if weed weeds at the stage of germination.

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