Lawn grass

lawn grass

Lawn grasses are divided into perennial and annual, and then, depending on the type of lawn grass you select.

Need to say that, like all living things on earth, grass can get sick of changing climatic conditions in our Russian market offers grass adapted to different climate.

There are standard requirements: the lawn must be durable, abrasion resistant, uniformly to grow and tolerate mowing.

Also have a nice flat color, to form a powerful sod with smooth surface, to be green from early spring to late autumn.

Usually lawn grass meadow consists of plants that occur on natural meadows, and many types of very often.

To the best lawn plants are Kentucky bluegrass, bent grass pobegoobrazuyuschaya (Agrostis stolonifera), red fescue, gigantic bent grass (Agrostis gigantea).

Lawns are considered perennial herbaceous plants whose above-ground part dies in winter and grows again in the spring.

To perennial lawn grasses include red fescue, meadow grass, common bent grass, etc.

Perennial grasses develop slowly, an annual fast. To annual grass lawns include many-flowered grass, Wheatgrass, perennial ryegrass, Grebennik ordinary, Wheatgrass beskorpusnye, etc.

All plants are divided into two main groups, this grassroots upland grasses. Riding differ strongly foliated stems from 0.4 – 1m.

The riding lawn grasses used for regular, special lawns and meadow type. To upland grasses include Timothy-grass, ryegrass tall, awnless brome, cocksfoot, etc.

Grassroots grains rarely reach a height of 50 cm Leaves in its mass concentrated at the bottom. Such grasses are used for lawns ground.

To create a common lawn at the cottage would suit grassroots types: fescue, Grebennik common, perennial ryegrass, Wheatgrass beskorpusnye, Wheatgrass, meadow foxtail.

When buying grass seed, pay attention to their name.

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