Lawn care services — necessary work

lawn care

Lawn care is needed regularly to ensure it stays in excellent condition.

Turf in the country consists of many tiny plants that need water and food.

And only by creating favorable conditions for the existence, we can hope for a good result.

The main types of existing lawns, soft, velvety decorative. They consist mainly of narrow-leaved grasses, require constant care and attention.

These lawns are mainly intended for decoration and do not carry heavy loads. For lawns in the country, which are well suited for relaxing and entertaining, consisting of fast-growing and coarser grasses.

Lawn care

The grass should be regularly cut, even in late autumn, when the weather is warm. Some take it literally and cut the lawn every 2-3 days.

In fact, this operation is carried out as necessary. Decorative when reaching 3cm and 6cm glade the lawns for relaxing trimmed to 2.5 cm, and ground to 1.25 cm

In the dry summer the grass can be left higher, so that moisture less evaporated. Although lawn grasses root well, they still need watering, especially in hot summer, do not forget about it.

After cutting it is necessary to trim the edge garden shears with long handles. That was a clear boundary between the lawn and flower beds, which can be positioned around the perimeter, make vertical cuts, podrachivaya the turf inside as when digging.

To handle grass around the trees, it is convenient to use a cutter with nylon string, and electric cutter edges easy to work around flower beds.

The next stage of feeding. Removing from lawns mown grass, you are depriving the soil of nutrients, so it is necessary to add fertilizer.

Family lawn it would only take one feeding in the season, in early spring. The fertilizer is selected from the calculation-growing grass varieties.

Decorative lawn it is advisable to treat 3 times per year. For spring and summer good fertilizer with nitrogen for foliage growth. Keep in mind that fertilizers are sold in liquid and dry form.

Lawn care services includes examination for the presence of weeds and destruction of moss. When it detects them treat the meadow with herbicide.

Opponents of the use of chemicals will have to remove the infected areas by hand using a garden tool. Dead areas of lawn will have to re-sow.

Actually to give way to the young plants in the fall after the grass walk around the lawn and garden rakes in different directions.

Sometimes the lawn requires alignment, due to the formation of small pits. Mix peat, soil, compost and sand in equal parts.

Sift to avoid lumps. Fill in irregularities not prodavlivaet, a little smooth with a rake so that the grass could grow freely.

If the lawn is not the first time has leveled off, after some time the procedure can be repeated.

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