Lawn aeration — why it is needed

aeration of the lawn

The quality of turf grass in your country depends not only on irrigation, cutting and fertilization, but also from lawn aeration.

Why is it necessary to carry out this work and how it affects the quality of grass cover, will cover in this article.

Aeration of the lawn

«And ego» in Latin means air. Eventually there is soil compaction, and this significantly impedes the supply of the root system with moisture and nutrients.

Due to this, the oxygen content in the soil gradually decreases and carbon dioxide increases, slows down the growth of grass cover and overall lawn aeration loses appearance, the plants look sad, appear bald spots, moss reduces moisture and frost.

That is why many growers are outraged, why is this happening, starting more often to irrigate, add fertilizers, but unfortunately not getting any better and the fact of not carrying out timely lawn aeration.

After all, this decreases the density of the earth and facilitates the flow of necessary oxygen, moisture and nutrients to plant roots.

Lawn aeration needed in the dry summer and rainy. In the first case, improves gas exchange, the flow of water.

In the second it is better to evaporate excess moisture, reducing the threat of rotting plants.

Education, trampled plots, overgrown with moss, the weakening of the grass and the yellowing evidence of immediate carrying out lawn aeration.

For full persuasion, you can cut a small piece of turf and look at the opposite direction.

If the root system of the grass ends at a depth of 5 cm, and does not go lower then the soil is heavily compacted and needs aeration.

Large lawn area is treated with a special mechanism, called aerators. They can have different designs prongs (solid and hollow), and there are manual or mechanical.

Aerators with hollow teeth, when you work extracted from the soil of a small core, whole, just pierce the turf.

For suburban lawn areas of suitable tool with any kind of tooth, although experts prefer the core.

The aeration process is simple and is piercing the sod for the formation of holes. On a small lawn areas, you can use ordinary garden fork, with only a thin prongs and carefully so as not to ruin the lawn.

During this operation it is advisable to consider the type of plant. For example, fescue and monument, it is better to treat in late summer before beginning their rapid growth.

Lawns of summer grasses in the late spring and early summer. The best option in the beginning of the summer season and at the end.

Timely aeration of the lawn will retain the attractiveness of the plants and give the plant strength and disease resistance.

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