Laurel (Laurus Nobilis) — care at home

Laurel (Laurus blagorodnii)

Mistress, who engaged in the cultivation of Laurel, do it for practical purposes, this is the source of leaves used in cooking.

Although this plant is considered an indispensable attribute of the interior of apartments and houses in Europe, it is valued as a landscape element, which is grown on the plots.

But in terms of our winters on the streets to grow it is not possible.

Therefore important to be familiar with some rules of care for the noble room Laurel in the room.

Laurus Nobilis is considered a plant is quite undemanding and does not cause much trouble. With regard to temperature and lighting, the place in summer is on the street.

If this is not possible, then Laurel would be a nice feel and at room temperature even in the summer heat, because this plant is tropical.

While light frost are not afraid of him, Laurel has the ability to withstand the temperature drop to -7 degrees.


Even pyatnadcatiletnij frost this culture can survive, growing up in a fairly dry winter air South.

But the most comfortable temperature for him at home is the temperature in winter is about + 12-15 degrees.

Laurus refers to the light-loving plants, so the maximum light is what he needs most. However, direct sunlight is harmful to him.

What about watering and feeding, room Lavr needs abundant watering during the warm time of year, as soon as dry out com.

Cold water is better not to use water it with room temperature water, it can be a little higher.

Tree fed organic and mineral fertilizer. It is better to use specialized fertilizers, or reduce the concentration.

Regarding transplant, it is important to note that the adult Laurel transplanted for two years once, and young trees annually.

The transplant process it is a handling in a large pot together with a clod of earth. He is not demanding to the composition of the earth, and therefore it can be grown in ordinary garden soil.

Laurel reproduction can be carried out by planting seeds and cuttings. However, this process is rather long.

Up to three months can occur the process of rooting cuttings as well as seed germination. In order to accelerate this process is necessary seedbed preparation.

It is compulsory to maintain a constant soil moisture! The seeds when drying can not ascend.

Laurel room, as the lemon and the coffee tree will be able to perfectly complement the interior of your kitchen.

No need to rush to Supplement their own culinary creations with the leaves of the crop, let the first tree is a little older, grow enough leaves to share with you.

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