Lantana — home care

the lanthanum

«Changeable rose» or «girl’s word» so in the different countries name this plant is Lantana (Lantana), numerous globular blossoms that change color.

At the same time, the Bush as a festive bouquet has flowers of white, red, orange, yellow, pink, lilac shade, surrounded by a slightly tough green leaves.

It’s a magical color change intended by the mother nature and is a signal to insects about the onset of the best time for pollination. May be this property that explains the widespread nature of the Southern countries of this plant.

Its homeland is South America, but it grows in subtropical climates in many places in suitable quantities volumes of weeds.

In our climate, the flower freezes, and therefore grown as houseplants and summer put on the street.

Lanthanum belongs to the genus of verbenaceae, and among its numerous varieties to grow at home suitable «Lantana Camara». Plant care is simple, but tips artists can use.

Growing Lantana

 Location and lighting

Lantana is very light flower. The best place for him well lit South window sill. The lack of lighting the plant does not bloom and much drawn out in length.

Also badly affected by the direct sunlight on the leaves and flowers. They become much smaller. To avoid this phenomenon need to use the shading especially in the hottest hours.


In winter the plant should be in the room below t14 – 16C°. And if it is made from the street to undergo a period of rest, the temperature is 6 – 10C°.

Watering and humidity

In summer it is often necessary to water the plant, avoiding drying of the soil in the pot. Sprinkle Lantana is not necessary.

Its leaves can cause spots from sun burns. Only to create a moderate humidity, which is necessary for the plant, you can gently wash it. During the winter months watering is limited.


Bait Lantana should be carried out regularly every 10 days, using a fertilizer for houseplants.

Transplantation and propagation

Special attention should be paid yearly transplant the plants to another pot. Thus it is necessary to trim the Bush.

Cut off the stalks can be used for propagation by rooting in a separate container. After engraftment have pinched the tops of the plants.

This increases the number of shoots and then flower and further growth. You can grow Lantana from seed.

Seedlings emerge slowly, but the plant quickly grows and even blossoms in the year of planting.

Pests and fight with them

Special attention during agricultural activities should be given to the whitefly, which is very fond of this plant.

Numerous chemicals in the control of this pest can help to successfully defeat him. Beautiful flowers in the form of umbrellas, reminiscent of the flower viburnum, pleasing to the eye from may to October.

But other than that the plant is also useful in the treatment of certain diseases. Infusions of leaves and flowers of Lantana long been used in folk medicine. So to have such a miracle it is necessary.

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