Landscape design suburban area – different styles

Landscape design

The presence of a garden plot offers the opportunity to implement their own ideas.

But thinking about the amount of work someone can think that this is not everyone’s strength. Nothing of the sort.

The creation of landscape design suburban area and not so time-consuming affair. Where do you start?

We must first of all think about what I would like to see in the garden. It can be simple to draw, for example, flower beds, rockery, pond, place for gazebos and playgrounds.

Even if you just implement the idea does not work, do not despair. If you have a plan, over time, implemented.

The harmonious design will succeed only if it can be sustained in one color. Indeed, in some measure, the mood and the atmosphere of the whole plot depends on the color.

For example, the warmth will create a red-orange shades. Coolness and depth will give the white and blue tones. The peace and tranquility you can get from pink.

Color scheme should be reflected not only in colors, but in the decorative elements, such as garden furniture. Otherwise, the work will seem incomplete.

No less important is the geometric shape if the flower beds have curves, the pond, paving slabs and gazebo should also be made rounded.

An integral element of any modern landscape design of the suburban area is the Alpine slide.

It is an artificial analogue of a mountain mound. This includes the stones, the shrubs growing on the mountain slopes, and flowers.

Not interfere with the positioning of the decorative figures in the form of gnomes, storks, ducks etc. But their location, it is important to keep the proportions.

If the site is large, respectively, and the size of figures should be not small. For miniature parts is more suitable for small elements.


Nice and beautiful English garden. It is inherent, flowing lines, and the placement of objects is performed by imitation of the natural landscape. Plants are selected so that they were planted in tiers.

In the foreground of the design of low grasses, flowers, followed by shrubs and finish composition wood. For typical English garden of winding paths, ponds and transitions from flat land to hills. Plants are selected corresponding to the area.

Japanese-style landscaping there are ponds with little Islands, bridges, rocks with unusual shapes and decorative elements.

The beauty of this style lies not in its showiness of flowers, quiet and gradual realization.

As for plants, it could be juniper, dwarf pine, rhododendron. It all looks great on the background of the pond, surrounded by rocks and moss.

Landscape design of the suburban area

Chinese style is based on hair-Shui, mountain and the natural elements, the presence of the reservoir. But it should be closer to each other. It is a prerequisite.

A symbol of the mountains may be a small bump, hill or large rock. Chinese style is characteristic of the presence of the Central composition.

Around it are arranged the other elements. Bright elements can be called the gazebo, the bridge, the pergola, but each of them painted in bright color.

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