Lachenalia — care at home


When behind a window a snow-white drifts, and the house smells like a Christmas tree, especially nice to meet friends.

And quiet to watch a familiar face, frozen in surprise when looking at an unusual flower with many bells.

This is a rare houseplant of Lachenalia (Lachenalia).

Two broad sheet, which include high stems strung with tubular flowers of different colors in quantities up to 20 pieces Elongated shape of a flower decorated vase in the winter its exotic color.

Unfortunately, this bulbous plant has not yet spread on a large scale. The main reason is the complexity of its cultivation in the conditions of city apartments with Central heating.

But, taking advantage of the experience and advice of skilled craftsmen, you can create a real winter garden of flowering bulblets of Lachenalia Alaminos — Aloides L. or (Lachenalia tricolor).

The cultivation of lachenalia

 Location and lighting

All varieties of Lachenalia love good lighting. In winter you can use additional lighting. Direct sunlight in small amounts of the desired plant.


Lachenalia cannot withstand high temperature and dry air. These conditions are formed in winter in urban apartments. The plant will never bloom under adverse conditions.

Optimal for flowering is considered t 6-12°. During the rest of the flower can be in normal, but not hot conditions, for example, on the balcony.

Watering and humidity

Watering the flower should be given special attention. Excess moisture leads to rotting and death of follicles. The plant is very important for their development a period of rest. It comes after flowering and complete drying of leaves.

During September and October, stop watering. In the winter it is recommended to periodically wash the leaves with a wet sponge.


The plant is best not to Supplement slightly than to overfeed. Lachenalia very resistant to diseases and pests.

In the period of budding and flowering it needs to be feed once a week, but a half rate of fertilizer specified on the package. Good use of complex fertilizer for indoor plants.

Transplantation and propagation

An important prerequisite for a lush flowering of Lachenalia is the value of the pot, purchased for planting. It should be shallow but wide.

It is well to place some varieties with different colored flowers. For planting is best suited ready-made soil mix for bulbous plants. On good drainage to not forget.

Multiplies Lachenalia bulbils subsidiaries. Every year in early autumn, is a transplant of a flower.

After planting the pot with the bulbs placed in a cool bright place. In November, you can begin moderate watering.

Lachenalia will start to Wake up, have leaves. Adhering to useful tips and advice on growing, you can create a colorful winter bouquet of different varieties of Lachenalia.

You just have to consider that the variety «harlequin» has dark pink flowers. «Goldzone» Golden yellow, «Naida» — white, «Ortenburg» brick – red with yellow.

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