Krossandra — care at home


Krossandra amazingly beautiful plant, with up to 50 varieties of the variety.

This is a houseplant, however, it had not previously been available to fans of floriculture and grown mainly in greenhouses.

Its homeland is Ceylon, where it was called «Ceylon beauty».

At home is mostly grown krossandra funnel-shaped, characterized by flowers of various bright colors.

They take the form of voronochek that pass in spicate inflorescence, with the growth of the side shoots which appear from the buds.

On one such spike flowers appear continuously over a long period. Leaves crossandra also have attractive views.

It’s shiny, dark green leaves with sparse hairs. Therefore, this plant is attractive not only in the flowering period, although this happens very rarely.

Growing crossandra


Location and lighting

Like any herb krossandra like good lighting. The most favorable place for her are the Western and Eastern sills.

If you put in the South location, then you need to create shade from direct sun.

Bad covers are not suitable because of the lack of light will turn out poorly growing plant without flowering.


As for the temperature issue, here there is no problem, you just stick to a constant temperature and avoid sharp fluctuations. In the case of permanent changes krossandra may lose leaves.

Normal room temperature is well suited for proper growth of the flower. The summer heat also gives me no discomfort as the most suitable temperature for growth is considered to be from 22° to 28°C, and the lower limit of 18°.

Watering and humidity

In summer the plant needs abundant watering. Once the top layer dries immediately, you must water the flower.

In winter often there is no need watering, so watering can be reduced, but you have to be careful to avoid drying of the soil, with the result that the flower can fall off the leaves.

Water for irrigation should be soft, for this it is necessary to defend. Pouring crossandra it is important to ensure that water does not fall on the flowers with leaves.

It is also necessary to periodically moisten the air sprayers, at high humidity the plant will be more comfortable.

To spray, just as water is necessary carefully to drops of water falling on the flowers. However, we must know that excessive moisture can lead to rotting of the flower.


Krossandra requires feeding. To get the look of the flower was kind, it is necessary to obtain the required amount of micronutrients.

For this it is sufficient to fertilize once a month not more than two dressings that contain a complete fertilizer. In winter it is impossible to feed, with the exception of those species that bloom at this time.

Transplantation and propagation

If the flower is in active growth, it is necessary to repot every year. If the plant is already Mature and well developed, then, only one transplant in 2 — 3 years.

The earth it is necessary to use a loose, fertile and easy. It is best recommended mixture of different types of land, of turf and leaf, sand, peat and humus.

Krossandra propagated by cuttings during the summer season. For transplantation, it is sufficient to cut off the stalk and put in water for about a month, and then transplanted into the ground. Can be propagated by seeds, but it is less convenient method that is used infrequently.

Pests and fight with them

The plant may be exposed to spider mites, aphids, and marvel at sheet mold, which is the most common disease.

In identifying the disease or pest damaged leaves should be immediately destroyed, and with the plant itself to conduct treatment with a fungicide.

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