Kriptantus — care at home


Kriptantus is a plant of the Bromeliad family.

In everyday life it is called a «star» due to the fact that it is very similar to it.

This little plant has a relatively large flat sheets.

In length they reach about 10 cm and have longitudinal yellow stripes.

Good lighting is a basic condition for the normal existence of kriptantus. Leaf color becomes more vibrant after receiving a significant amount of sunlight.

In the leaf axils appear the rudiments of young plants. Kriptantus is the plant of the Bromeliad family, which survives the emergence of young shoots.

Also there are different kinds of kriptantus with all sorts of colors and leaf patterns. The root system of this plant is very poorly developed.

It is mainly designed not so much to obtain nutrients, how much for fixing to the ground.

This means that the flower can grow even on a small island of moss, located on wood.

Kriptantus able to give originality to your room: being a natural hanging decoration, it looks good among the entire composition of potted plants.

Growing kriptantus

Let’s say you decide to fix the plant on the bark of a tree. Take a small piece of balsa wood and it make the hole for attaching the plants. Now remove the kriptantus from the pot.

Hold the hand basal soil, wrap the roots with sphagnum moss and secure it all with wire.

This same wire will help you to fix the roots with the moss in the recess of the cork tree. The plant should grow vertically.

As with any plant, kriptantus water – ensure that the root system was not dry.

Growing conditions

  • 1.If kriptantus grows in a pot, it is desirable to use a peat soil with the addition of sphagnum.
  • 2.Lighting should be as complete as possible.
  • 3.In the summer it is advisable to regularly spray the plant.
  • 4.Environment temperature: in the summer – not above +24°C, and in winter not below 18°C.
  • 5.The constant transplanting of plants is not required. It will be enough every 2-3 years to repot kriptantus.
  • 6.To maintain an excellent view of the kriptantus will help a small amount of fertilizer for houseplants.
  • 7.In the summer you need 2-3 times to water the plant, and sufficient watering in the winter of kriptantus once in a decade.


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