Kholmogory geese — description of the breed and breeding conditions

Kholmogory geese

According to most poultry farmers, the best breed is Kholmogorskaya variety.

These birds are very hardy, fast gain weight. Successfully used the feathers.

Description of the breed

Kholmogory geese were bred in Russia, but of what species no one knows for sure.

Most likely, bred Arzamas and Chinese varieties of geese. The color is mainly white, grey and variegated grey.

Distinctive personality of the breed is its long neck. Head large, the forehead has a lump. The beak is strong, at the bottom of humpback and strongly curved. Legs orange yellow.

Kholmogory geese are endowed with a strong and big body, and under the neck is the so-called «wallet». Birds are calm, get along well with all animals. This breed is acklimatiseras in the territory of any country.

One goose in a year is about two dozen eggs but some are able to carry up to fifty. Hen showing special care to their brood.

Kholmogory geese live a long time, but for a short time fatten. The weight of one bird on average is 8 kg, although some individuals gain weight up to 12 kg. This breed participated in the process of withdrawal of Vladimir, Solnechnogorsk lindovskaya and varieties.

The contents of Kholmogory geese

As with any poultry, geese need a room. Its size depends on the number of birds. So for one bird you need 1 sq. m. Despite the fact that this breed of geese are not afraid of the cold, Gusyatnikov you need to insulate.

Flooring is recommended to make wood. But litter can do not fat. Room temperature at least +5°C, but the room eliminates the presence of moisture.

As for the doors, they are placed opposite the wind side. Geese are afraid of drafts, if available, the birds will stop eating and will start to hurt. It is also necessary to equip the paddock, which will be a small pool or pond.

The birds began roosting in the month of January, you need to arrange additional coverage. To understand that the goose prepares for a new clutch can, for her restless behavior. She will move the nest and scatter the straw.

At this time especially need to monitor the temperature. At zero temperature the egg stand in a warm place. The clutch is two times more if you buy more than one producer, but several.

As soon as the goslings hatch, their shift on dry bedding. It is important that the room temperature has not been above +22°C, then the Chicks will get stronger faster.

To release the Chicks can walk soon after their legs become stable. You need to pay attention to the Chicks so they don’t fall on the back, because to roll over on their own they can’t, and this can lead to death.

Kholmogory geese - description of the breed

As for the food, Kholmogory geese eat everything. But the Chicks in the first three days give hard-boiled egg and shredded wheat. Feeding 4 to 6 times during the day.

After about a week the youngsters will get stronger and be able to eat together with adult birds. It is important to monitor the cleanliness of the water and not to forget that the water should be in the troughs always. Prevention can sometimes in water, add manganese. The solution is slightly pink.

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