Kesson cellar at the cottage

kesson cellar

Simply speaking, a caisson is a construction of sheet steel in the form of a cube with a hole, which is reminiscent of a cellar and well suited to storage the harvest.

Recently, the caisson as a cellar at the cottage, began to use more and more gardeners and the reason is convenient, especially for those who have groundwater close to the surface.

Kesson cellar at the cottage

As already mentioned the integral metal structure in the form of a cube with a hole at the top and equipped with a ladder, shelves and bins.

Sizes can be varied, but the most popular up to 4 sq. m. these caissons whether to dig at suburban station almost anywhere.

Because steel is susceptible to corrosion and should be protected from contact with soil and groundwater, then the metal cellar will last much longer.

Before the instillation of the caisson-cellars, it is necessary to carry out protective treatment.

Well established three options for the protection of the caisson – cellars: fining waterproofing, multi-layered paint spraying, cast asphalt. Insulation minimum service life of the caisson, steel, 4mm., 8 years. It all depends on humidity.

Before treatment, prepare the surface of the metal cellar clear from the plots with rust, weld seams from slag residues, file all sharp burrs that may damage the waterproofing layer.

Method of protection of the caisson-cellars, choose the most convenient for you and affordable. For painting waterproofing prepare a composition of bitumen mastic.

Boiler with bitumen heated in the fire until complete evaporation of moisture, that is, the mass will cease to bubble.

Carefully pour a thin stream of molten mass into a container of gasoline. The ratio of gasoline and asphalt 3:1.

The first layer is applied as a primer, the rest after solidification of each previous one, all layers must be solid, the corners are reinforced.

When fining method used roofing felt, roofing felt or asphalt. Paste on bitumen

kesson cellar

mastic lap.

The more layers, the longer the service life. For the protection of the caisson-cellars from mechanical damage, spread around the clamping wall of brick.

Asphalt insulation box, with a complicated and expensive process. The distance between the brick wall and the cellar is filled with mastic asphalt.

Regardless of the method of protection, caisson cellar can float or be displaced, if the water table is very close to the surface. To avoid this, consider the additional load.

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