Kazura Japanese — home care


Kajura — room plant of the family limonnikova, in nature there are only about 20 varieties of this perennial vine.

This unusual plant comes to us from Japan, China and India.

In fact it is a vine that grows very quickly, its length sometimes reaches three to four meters in height.

This plant is quite whimsical, but still requires some care.

Growing Japanese kadsura

 Location and lighting

It is worth noting that this vine with glossy leaves, does not like light, more favorable conditions for it is shaded therefore it is not necessary to place the pot with kazurou Japanese on the windowsill. Direct sunlight for it is very harmful, though not disastrous.


The ideal temperature for this plant is the temperature from +10 to +15 degrees. A significant decrease or increase may lead to various diseases of plants, deterioration of the leaves or even death.

This temperature is only needed for home cultivation, scientists have shown that in natural conditions it may exist even at a temperature of +4 degrees.

 Watering and humidity

This plant is characterized in that water it should be different, depending on the time of year and the weather. During the summer dry period kazura requires a greater amount of moisture, and in winter much less in the winter so do not fill it, it will lead to death.


It is recommended to fertilize in the summer, once every 2-3 weeks. For fertilizer, use any fed complexes, which can be found in a specialized flower shop.

Transplantation and propagation

Like any other plant kanzure need a seasonal transplant. It is usually transplanted in the spring.

This plant is not very fastidious to the ground, but it should be transplanted only in soft sandy soils.

It is very important when transplanting is good to loosen the ground, otherwise it will not germinate and take root. Propagation this plant is absolutely of course, with the help of seeds.

Pests and fight with them

This plant is one of the most not fussy, but do not forget about that. not even the most fastidious require minimal daily care.

Remember, the plant prefer the shade, the sun’s rays can dry it, which will lead to the emergence of parasites, excess moisture can lead to the formation of Botrytis, which in turn will destroy your plant.

Kazura Japanese with proper care will decorate your home and delight you with its magnificence and beauty.

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