Kamedetechenie (description, causes, treatment)


Kamedetechenie (or hommos) is a disease typical for stone fruit crops such as cherry, apricot, cherry, plum, peach.

More rarely the disease is found in mulberry, some herbaceous plants, oranges and these Acacias.

Kamedetechenie looks like drips of resin amber color (from light yellow to deep brown). They act on the trunk, the trunk, branches, fruit trees.

Copious gum can slow or stop the growth of plants, and later to destroy him.

The disease is not contagious, it occurs as a consequence of adverse factors.

Causes of casedetection fruit trees

The main reasons for the appearance of bacterial blight of trees include the following:

  • — Violation of an agrotechnology of cultivation of fruit crops;


  • — Weather conditions: severe conditions in the winter wood; the presence of frost cracks on the surface of the trunk or branches; freezing the living layers of the plant; sunburns;


  • — Waterlogging of the soil or applying an excess amount of nitrogen fertilizers under high soil moisture;


  • — Improper pruning fruit tree: too much thinning of the branches, or choosing the wrong time to trim the plants;


  • Any mechanical damage to the bark of a tree, if they penetrate to the cambium. These injuries provoke the infection of wood by fungi or germs, followed by kamedetechenie;


  • — Infection of the plants by the beetle, defeat diseases such as monilia, bacterial shot-hole disease and cancer.


Treatment casedetection

In order not to lose an adult, it’s a fruit tree for disease jomosom, it is necessary to conduct some preventive work to prevent it.

If the plant is still sick, it can still be saved, in time to begin treatment.

Below are some recommendations for the prevention and elimination of casedetection:

  • — Timely and carefully follow the agrotechnical receptions of care of fruit trees. Handle spacing, and the soil in the tree trunks.

Make a sufficient amount of organic fertilizers, not making nitrogen fertilizer.

Generating watering trees, do not allow excessive moisture of the soil and the dryness of the soil.

  • — To protect plants from adverse weather conditions and certain pests, perform whitewash trunks of trees and lower skeletal branches.

This procedure should be carried out twice a year: fall and spring. So you can protect trees from morozovoy and burns from the sun.

  • — The right time and doing the pruning. Place slices necessarily treat the garden pitch.


  • — At the end of the summer season make the soil lime, as acidic soil in need of liming. For heavy soil the amount of lime should be 2-2,5 t per 1 ha, imagetech

    for easy – to 1.2-1.5 t/ha.


  • — If the disease is manifested by the sagging of the resin, it is necessary to cut the sore spot of the tree to the living layer.

Then treat the cut garden pitch. Or to first coat the slice or juice, and then treat with putty.

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