Kalistegiya (Dichorisandra) — care at home


Is a member of the family komlinovic, native to tropical America.

It is an herbaceous, ornamental, perennial plant with large, narrow, elongated leaves and underground rhizome.

Blooms in September-October, white or dark blue flowers that are clustered in terminal inflorescence-raceme.

There are species whose leaves and stems have white strokes.

The size of some Calystegia reach up to 5 meters in height in the tropics, but at home, as a rule, does not exceed 2 metres.

Low maintenance, quickly recovers after mechanical damage.

Cultivation of calystegia

 Location and lighting

The plant likes bright light but does not tolerate direct sunlight. It is all right if you take a place in the shade, but in a strong shade, color may fade, so in General you can hold almost any window.


Perceived summer temperature of 25 degrees in the winter you need to maintain not below 16 degrees. The optimum temperature for cultivation is considered to be 18-22 degrees.

Watering and humidity

Watering should be moderate, must be taken not to dry clod of earth, as the plant doesn’t deal well with drought.

But not overly wet, can start to rot the roots and stems. Calystegia need moist air, with a plant pot placed into another pot of larger diameter, and the gap between the pots, put the moss, keeping it moist.


In the spring and summer, about every 2 weeks spend feeding of mineral and organic fertilizers in winter-spring period, fertilizer should be avoided.

Transplantation and propagation

Transplant produce annually in the spring, in a soil mixture of humus, turf, leaf soil, peat and sand, taken in equal parts. Calystegia propagation is by cuttings, seeds and division of the Bush.

Preference is given to propagation by cuttings, for this cut off the top, has 2-3 leaf, bend it at an angle so that the ground portion is vertically, and underground was the horizontal position. The lower part of the stem must be entirely under the ground at a depth of 1.5 cm.

Pests and fight with them

Calystegia often affects mealybug. In these cases, the plant visible discharge from wax, they look like lumps of cotton, which are cleaned manually. In severe cases sprayed with actellic.

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