Kale — growing

Listova cabbage

Among vegetable crops, not least in popularity is Kale.

And it is thanks to the diversity and sometimes unusual species.

In addition, cabbage is used in cooking to prepare various dishes, the vegetable has medicinal properties.

But not everyone knows that there are varieties that are good as an ornamental plant for decorating flower beds.

This kind of Kale, which is grown in the Eastern countries. One of the representatives of such has long been settled by our tables in the form of salads – cabbage.


This leafy vegetable is familiar to us coloring, akin to cabbage. But for ornamental species is characterized by the variety of colors.

And this diversity not only distinguishes one kind of leaf cabbage from the other – in one instance you can contemplate leaves of different colors.

Tiered shades not only spoil the overall impression, but forced to admire the decorative splendor created by nature.


In some types of is «roses» in a lush pleated «skirts», are planted on short legs. In other Kale on the long barrel like a mini-palm tree, which weave colorful leaves.

Ornamental Kale belongs to the biennials. And it allows you to grow not only on beds and beds – some growers adapted the plant to grow indoors. Thereby complementing the interior space.

Kale, like its counterparts, can be grown in two ways – by planting seeds directly into the ground or pre — «having brought up» the seedlings. Special tricks in growing ornamental Kale is not required – the technology is the same as when growing conventional varieties.

In any case I should hold onto a wet cotton swab or wrap (again, moisture) toilet paper.

When a plant hatch, the seeds can be planted in the peat Cup with soil for growing seedlings, or directly into the prepared hole.

But there is little nuance to plant the seeds for seedlings in February and March, but in open ground are sown, when the ground is a little warm up» after winter. You can select 2 of the area under ornamental cabbage: one for the grown seedlings, the second – for germinated seeds.

growing Kale

Place under the decorative cabbage usually choose shaded. Therefore, in «neighbours» in the flower bed you need to choose those flowers that does not require plenty of sunlight.

Even better, if near will be planted with marigolds or marigolds – they protect Kale from pests.

Ornamental plants hardy in temperate latitudes may spend the winter in the open ground. But some growers prefer to transplant Kale to the pots and send to winter on the windowsill.

In the spring the plant is again recycled to the bed. And this is the second year of life cabbage in addition to beautiful rosettes will also seeds.

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