Jerusalem artichoke growing in the garden at the cottage

the cultivation of Jerusalem artichoke

The Jerusalem artichoke has a second name – «artichoke», although, of course, nothing to do with the pear he has never like her nor form nor taste.

Rather, the Jerusalem artichoke is similar to potato tubers, has the same colour and pretty similar taste, though slightly too sweet.

The cultivation of Jerusalem artichoke

 The cultivation of Jerusalem artichoke in the country does not cause the gardener is too much trouble. Multiply this garden culture of tubers of small size.

Fertilized with compost in the hole lay a small tuber and sprinkle the ground. In General, the tuber should be planted at a depth of from twelve to fifteen inches (depending on size).

To plant crops you need at the least sixty centimeters. In full sun the harvest will be more, but, at least, Jerusalem artichoke can grow in partial shade.

Undesirable neighbours are sunflowers and carrots. When the stems will grow to a height of about ten cm, it is necessary to remove the weaker, leaving one Bush only two escape.

Babysitting during the summer consists of, 1-2 fertilizer, preferably organic, weeding and watering in hot weather.

Until the end of summer two-meter bushes of Jerusalem artichoke are covered with yellow blossoms similar to the sunflower. And by September in the ground formed tubers suitable for human consumption.

Grown Jerusalem artichokes dug up in the fall. At harvest select

the cultivation of Jerusalem artichoke

food the biggest tubers, and small left in the ground at the same place.

Of them will reappear in the spring sprout, and no additional planting you will once again have the harvest of this fruitful plant.

Thick stems that remained of the plants are cut to 40 cm, So they go for the winter. Shelter is not necessary. Jerusalem artichoke tolerates frost. Can digging to do in early spring, before germination.

Part of the tubers also need to be left for future harvest. I wonder what the spring harvest will be even more because for a relatively warm weather in the fall and early spring there is additional growth of tubers.

In one place this vegetable can grow and give a harvest for up to 20 years. The use of Jerusalem artichoke in food too, like potatoes.

However, Jerusalem artichoke, in contrast to potatoes, can be eaten raw, cleanse the skin and prepare a variety of salads mixed with other vegetables or separately.

You can cook it directly in the skin until soft (defined as the potatoes), then peel and eat with butter or use as a garnish. Very tasty fried artichokes, especially in a large amount of fat.

the cultivation of Jerusalem artichoke

The Jerusalem artichoke is also a medicinal plant. It is very useful for diabetes patients because it acts like insulin.

Consumer the disadvantage of this culture is a very thick skin and having multiple protruding growths on the tuber, making it difficult cooking process.

But the simplicity, easy care and taste of this plant outweigh this small disadvantage, so the cultivation of Jerusalem artichoke is gaining popularity among gardeners.

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