Jam melon — recipes

Jam melon

This false berry, of the gourd family of plants, known and loved by all.

Since the end of the summer, her appearance in the sale of waited impatiently.

In the old days, this period was prolonged. And in the winter is a treat to even dream was not necessary.

The modern organization of trade, and storage of these delicate gifts of nature, like melon or watermelon, can significantly increase the timing of their consumption, but prices may not be available to all.

And then come to the aid of numerous recipes of melon preserves, jams, jellies, bought time lower prices.

Winter frosts the window will further strengthen the aroma and taste of the amber jam, served with pancakes, porridge and tea just.

The jam melon unlike jams allows to store the form, of ingredients used.

Requirements melon intended for jam

Of course, to use for jam can be any melon. Especially if she, for example, a very large and still can not eat.

If the melon bought on sale for next to nothing, or even gave. Just in this case it is necessary to carefully inspect and remove all defects.

Most of the recipes of jam of melon expect to use some not yet ripe fruit with fragrant and firm flesh. In this case, it manages to keep all the small pieces of melon, without turning them into mush.

All the recipes for the jam of melon include the mandatory technological aspects. Compliance is important in the brewing process.

Where to start? Cut off the outer rind of the melon, taking out the pulp and seeds, cut it into small pieces. They can be any size. Bones to dry and keep as a very important drug.

Drop the pieces into boiling water for 5 minutes and rinse with cold water. To obtain the original view of the future of jam, slices can be cut, notched knife.

While they are cooling, there is time to prepare the sugar syrup. It needs to be saturated. This is the result of complete evaporation of water and dissolve sugar with constant stirring. Pour hot syrup over cold slices of melon and leave in the kitchen for a few hours.

Then put on low heat and cook 15 minutes, stirring constantly. Cool. Repeat at least four times.

1 kg melon is taken as 1.5 kg of sugar, 1 Cup of water. During the last heating you need to add the juice of one lemon or citric acid in an amount of 3 g. the Hot jam is poured on the prepared according to the rules of the utensils and clog.

Better to use banks of small volume. This will allow more economical use of ice.

Kinds of jam of melon

Currently, many Housewives use went well They cook everything, including the jam. At first it may seem that cooking is harder than the conventional due to the action of hot syrup, and repeated heating. You just have to try on the basis of the following recipe.

Cook the melon in the usual way, remove the zest from the lemon and squeeze the juice. The Cup multivarki put the sugar, juice, zest and cook in the mode of a double boiler until the sugar is dissolved. Add the melon and cook in the same mode to the boil.

Then to switch to the quenching time of 1.5 hours. Very delicious jam obtained by adding, for example, pieces of banana, apples, pears, tangerine juice or orange. Melon goes very well with all berries, fruit. Even with strawberries if available.

Useful properties of jam from melons

Despite the loss of some nutrients as a result of thermal processing, jam melons is a real storeroom of vitamins, minerals, fiber.

Jam melon

Due to the content of vitamins A and C effectively works the body’s immune system, allowing the body cope with winter colds and viral infection in this period.

And fiber melon, contain pectin fiber, will ensure active digestion and proper bowel function.

And that’s not counting the improvements in mood after consuming a wonderful jam in the family circle or close acquaintances.

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