Jacobinia — care at home


This plant has 2 names and both are original – Jacobinia and Justice.

Immediately there are associations or the Paris Commune or Roman law.

The representative of a family of Aconitum grows in some regions of Latin America.A small shrub with a tree trunk pleased its unusual flowers each year.

But the location of the inflorescences Jacobinia divided into 2 types. Some flowers located on the side shoots, the other terminal inflorescence type.

Jacobinia — care at home

 Location and lighting

As Jacobinia is representative of the southern hemisphere, it loves the light. But in summer, the peak of solar activity, it is better to provide the plant indirect lighting. Winter shrub a few hours just «bathe» in the sun.

Due to the short duration of daylight in the cold season it is recommended to continue using artificial lighting. The lack of light in winter can cause the yellowing leaves of Jacobinia.


Comfortable temperature for Jacobinia at home in the summer should be within +24-27 º C, in winter +16-18°C. But if the plant continues to bloom after October, it will have to reduce the room temperature to 12 ºc.

The paradox, of course, but it is a prerequisite for extending the flowering season. In the summer, if the temperature «through the roof», Jacobinia better to take out from the stuffy room into the fresh air (loggia, balcony or garden plot).

Watering and humidity

Justice – good «teetotaler». Therefore we can not allow drying earthen substrate. In hot weather watering should be abundant.

Be sure to daily spraying of the plants. In addition, you have to keep in the pan was water and lay the wet expanded clay (moss).

In winter, watering can be restricted but only if the room is sufficient humidity (60%). To water and irrigate Jacobinia at home need only soft warm water, pre-filtered (or settled).


In those months when the plant is particularly active, it must feed. As nutritional approach as mineral and organic fertilizer (you can alternate), which are introduced into the soil every decade.

Thus it is necessary to strictly adhere to the recommendations on the package to not «overfeed» the plant. Otherwise it will quickly go to growth, but will not flower.

Transplantation and propagation of jacobinia

Special regime of transplant Jacobini no – do it as needed when the plant becomes crowded in the pot. But this should be done carefully so as not to damage the roots. Time to transplant is early spring, after Justice is fully gone.

In the spring doing pruning and dwarf shrubs, forming its crown. And cut off the stalks coming in for a landing. Jacobini and propagated through planting seeds collected after flowering.

Pests of jacobinia and fight with them

Jacobinia - care at home

A healthy plant is very resistant to diseases and attack by pests. But the violation of the conditions of care at home for Jacobinia can weaken his immune system.

The lack of humidity would cause the tick to stretch on leaves their silvery webs. Therefore, the need to regularly spray the plant with water, and with the appearance of the tick and soap solution.

To deal with pest and mechanically. If all else fails, Jacobinia sprayed Aktellikom.

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