Ixora — care at home


Ixora is a small flowering shrub with thick, shiny, dark green leaves oval or lanceolate.

White, pink, red, orange beanie colors are in the shape of a ball or an umbrella.

Under favorable growing conditions, inflorescence reaches a diameter of about 20 cm.

The plant is very capricious: when the change in the regime, when the temperature changes, it resets the lower leaves, buds and flowers. With proper care also grows well and blooms long and lush.

Growing ixora

 Location and lighting

Plants need a bright, Sunny place but it can grow in partial shade, and in the light of fluorescent lamps. The lamp should be placed no closer than 15 cm from the top of the flower.


Ixora thermophilic. Daytime temperatures from + 22C to + 30C, night below – ideal conditions for its cultivation.

Satisfied with the normal room temperature range + 20C. But sudden changes in temperature are undesirable, otherwise the plant will lose lower leaves and flowers.

Humidity and watering

Growing Ixora in the company often water the flowers or in a pot, mounted on a wide pan with a wet filler (expanded clay or gravel), will provide the plant with the necessary humidity over 60%.

The soil should be moist, but not soggy. After drying, the top layer of soil needs to be sprayed.


1 time in the winter and twice at other times requires fertilizer for decorative and flowering plants. During the formation of buds and added additional trace elements to support the plants during flowering.

Transplantation and propagation

The root system of Ixora is developing very quickly, so in the first year of life it is transplanted at least 3 times in subsequent years – each spring.

In a pot with a rounded bottom is filled with drainage and slightly acidic, with a mixture of leaf humus, sand, compost and garden soil.

Propagated plant cuttings, which are normally cut off after flowering. The cut is treated kornevina, place it in a container with water and cover with a plastic bag.

In a warm room after 3 months the cuttings will root and be ready for planting in the ground. In order for young cuttings have stronger, they are best grown in boxes with foil, protecting from extremes of temperature.

Pests and fight with them

Most often Iscore staggering scale insects and spider mites. To prevent the attack of mites can daily spraying of the plants or high humidity.

When infected, spray with insecticides. Scale insects can be removed with a damp swab dipped in water or alcohol.

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