Italian garden style in the Russian version

the Italian garden

If you decide to create a magic garden in the Italian style in his country house, you should first work on creating visibility of the mountain landscape: pour small hills and terraces, build a retaining wall.

They can be made from boulders and river rock.

The composition of large and small stones of different shapes – this is the «highlight» of the Italians. The stone can be done and fencing of your plot.

The presence of a small stone grottoes, and pavilions in this garden will look quite organically. Cascades and fountains will also become a good addition to the landscape.

Large vase, «under a rock» for evergreen trees is simply a necessary attribute of your building.

In this garden you can put a few statues in Roman style, separate groups of sculpture and heavy stone benches.

Tracks can be tiled «marble» or «for natural stone».

The presence of stone in the garden in the Italian style contributes to creating a great response from the babbling brook, the sound of the steps vote of those present.

The predominance of dark rich green color helps fit boxwood and pines, Laurel and Mandarin, pine «Weymouth».


Olive trees, juicy silver. Crowns them and other trees should be given a spherical shape.

And brightly blooming magnolias, roses, almonds, citrus, rhododendrons not only bring colour to the garden in a unique color, but it is filled with southern flavor.

Of course, magnolias and citrus fruits should be in our climate to grow only in wooden tubs, which in winter are recorded in the room.

But they do it in the gardens of Italy, to avoid unpleasant consequences in the current climate.

And to make serebristoi between different plants should I plant silver moss.

Since it is impossible to imagine a garden in the Italian style without topiary trees and

the Italian garden

shrubs should be selected for planting the following varieties of trees: arborvitae, fir, barberry, spirea, dogwood.

We should not forget that the center of the garden with specific geometric shapes should be a fountain.

All flowerbeds will have a strict oval or square shape.

Around the fountain you need to plant bushes bright rose gardening purposes.

To decorate the stone fences should be planted along the Jasmine, Spiraea, any varieties, medlar, weigela, hydrangea.

The next tier consists of shrubs japonica, Japanese spirea, stephanandra, broom Russian, and even St. John’s wort.

Verandas can be placed in pots boxwood trees, rosemary, Euonymus and lavender.

And the front of the house and buildings you can decorate the usual grapes or climbing roses.

At the entrance gate to the Italian garden and the front door of the house should hang planters with a composition of bright petunias, fragrant tobacco, nasturtiums, or other low, but definitely motley of colors in combination with the usual ivy.

If the space you allow, it is desirable to make a patio – a small area cobbled with tiles of marble, where there will be an openwork wicker furniture for home get-togethers».

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