Isolepis (Cane) — care at home

Isolepis (Ocheret)

Is a representative of the family Cyperaceae native to the tropics, subtropics, Africa, Australia, West Asia, North and South America, Europe.

It derznovenno perennial plant, usually has a short rhizome from which originate bundles of stalks.

In young plants the stem is erect, adult – that hanging, filiform, 2-5 mm thick green Leaves, long about 20 cm in length, thin – 1-2 mm in width.

At flowering, the tops of the stems have small ears, 2-5 mm in length. The flowers are small, can be white, yellow or silver. Isolepis sometimes can bloom all year round.

Growing isolepis (reeds)

 Location and lighting

The plant prefers a bright room, but can not stand direct sunlight.


When planting in the ground in outdoor conditions – will not survive the winter, so the capacity of the plant in winter are kept in cellars at a temperature of +2-+5 degree under a layer of moistened peat. Or contain as an ordinary houseplant.

Watering and humidity

The soil must be kept moist, you can even contain water. As isolepsis relate to wetland plants, so it requires humid air and constant spraying warm water from a very fine spray.

In dry air, leaf tips will dry. You can put the pot in a high pan, keeping the pan the water level in half of the pot.


Feeding is carried out on a monthly basis, mineral fertilizer, containing no calcium.

Transplantation and propagation

Do transplant in the spring, as necessary, in a mixture of sand, peat and leaf soil, adding silt or sapropel.

Propagated isolepis in the spring, often by dividing the transplant divided adult specimens. Also can be propagated by seed, sowing them in constantly wet soil, or folded in several layers of filter paper immersed in a small container of water. The appearance of inch of spine, a ladder rooted in the ground.

You can grow in the tube, which will give the plant the original form. To do this, take the tube to there could fit a rhizome with a small amount of soil. The bottom of the plant dropped into the pot of soil. Tube color can choose.

Pests and fight with them

May be affected by aphids and spider mites. For pest control use processing of specific drugs. Also isolepis love to nibble the cat.

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