Iscariot — home care


Iscariot or «fishtail«is a genus of palm trees, got its name from the contour of the leaves with lacerated edges.

The leaves reach a length of 15 cm, a width of 10 cm At room farming grows just above 2 m.

To limit the growth can replanting only when absolutely necessary, when the roots of the plants will come out of the pot.

Growing plants at home, to achieve flowering trees impossible.

Growing charity


Location and lighting

Grows best in the South-East or South-West window. There is enough bright light and the low afternoon sun. In the winter you also need bright lighting.


Iscariot grows well at moderate (up to + 20°C) temperatures. In the summer try and keep this temperature.

In hot summer the plant should be sprayed. Winter temperatures below + 13°C brings bad.

Watering and humidity

In spring and summer watering should be so that the soil was constantly moist, avoiding stagnation of water at the roots.

In winter you can give the top layer of soil to dry up a little. When kept in moderate temperatures often do not require spraying, but periodically, as dirt, leaves should be cleaned with a damp sponge.

If the pot is near the battery, spraying must be carried out at least once a day.


For top-dressing of suitable fertilizer made for palms. From late April to mid-September, his pay each month.

Transplantation and propagation

Like all palms, Iscariot does not like direct. Therefore, the plant is transplanted only when the pot is getting too close to him.

For transplanting, you should choose slightly acidic soil, it is better to use prepared in industrial conditions the soil for trees.

It is propagated by seed. They are sown in moist soil, having a greenhouse, covering it with plastic and waiting for germination, which occurs at temperatures below + 25°C.

After 3 months the fledgling sprouts can be planted in individual pots. However, growing palm trees from seed it is very troublesome.

Pests and fight with them

Red spider mite, scale and mealy bug are the main pests of the plant. To avoid ticks, observing the necessary humidity, at the first appearance is to spray the leaves with a derris.

Scale and mealybug are removed with a damp rag after removal, spray the whole plant with systemic insecticide.

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