Irises — growing in the garden in the country

irises growing

Iris is really a veritable rainbow of colors in your flowerbed.

They have about a dozen colors and sizes.

Irises are very hardy and easy to care for.

Especially in the forests of Belarus, they meet right on forest meadows and even swamps.

To grow irises interesting and exciting experience.Irises are planted in early spring, in April, delinkage. To do this, the rhizome is divided into several parts, each of which shall be the rhizome with the shovel shaped leaves.

But you can just with the kidney. Zelenka plant the rhizome into the soil and sprinkle on top of the ground five to six inches.

Then pour and leave to germinate. When the plant will expel the stem, it should be fed phosphorus and nitrogen fertilizers.

After flowering, the roots were well grown, shorten stems to 10-15 cm above the ground and fed complex fertilizers.

And in mid-August, dig up the plant, which is three to five years, and can again be seated on any seat. Irises very quickly and grow well by themselves.

But after five years of flowering in one place flowers irises have become more small and can degenerate.

In fact, irises like Sunny and rather dry places in the garden. But in principle, they can be planted everywhere.

During the winter they carry quite firmly, before frost if you cover them with fallen leaves or spruce branches.

Just remember with the first spring warmth to clear the landing area to irises could begin its life cycle.

The most unpretentious and undemanding to weather and soil yellow and blue irises. They are closer in structure to wild flowers of this species.

So for those who wants to have a beautiful flower garden without much hassle and effort, I would advise to take for planting these colors irises.

These flowers will look good in the flower bed in the garden, the flower garden and in a vase in your home. Standing in the water, they are not very long, but to prolong the pleasure, don’t put with irises and other flowers in a bouquet. They don’t like the neighborhood.

irises growing

But if you decide to try to make home-made liqueur, extract of iris rhizomes will help to give it a wonderful flavor!

Add this hood to a homemade cake or pie and your guests will always look to you «a look», to try their mouthwatering taste!

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