Irezine (Achyranthes) — care at home


It is a striking ornamental plant native to tropical South America, but it also grows in Central and North America.

Belongs to the Amaranth family, which includes 80 species.

Because of the bright color leaves and stems, this plant is widely used in the creation of decorative carpet-background plantings.

Most species of achyranthes painted in purple tones. In the culture of the widely used 2 «Iresine lindeniivan Houtte» and «Iresine herbstii Hook».

Irezine Linden (Iresine lindeniivan Houtte) – herbaceous plant about two feet tall. The stems are maroon.

The leaves are oval, pointed, dark crimson with pink streaks. If you pinch back the shoots to the desired height, they are easily branched and can get good uniform crimson carpet.

Irezine Herbst (Iresine herbstii Hook), stems are dark red. Leaves broadly oval, dark Burgundy or red-brown, concave, with apical incision.

Other varieties of this species: achyranthes Versatility, Wallis and Golden net achyranthes.

Growing achyranthes


Photophilous plant, but slightly better pritenyat, especially with southern exposure.

Hardy to direct sunlight, but the plant accustom gradually to avoid sunburn. The lack of light the red color of the leaves fades, then turns into green.


In summer the temperature can range between 16-24°C, in winter not below 12°C. in the Autumn, with the onset of cold weather, it is desirable to transfer achyranthes from the garden in the greenhouse or on the porch. At lower temperatures, the plant loses its leaves and rots.


In the summer the leaves of achyranthes actively evaporates moisture, while lack of irrigation may lead to drying of the substrate.

Therefore, in the summer season, watering should be plentiful but not excessive. The soil must be moist but without stagnant water.

Watering through the day. In winter you can water once a week. Especially in cool conditions, watering should be moderate.


It is possible to transplant 1 time in 3 years, if the pot is already too small for the plant.

Feeding of achyranthes

In the spring and summer when the plant is growing vigorously, fertilize every two weeks. Better organic fertilizer. To mineral fertilizers should be treated with caution, as excess nitrogen, the leaves turn pale.


Irezine propagated by cuttings in early spring. Cut off the cuttings with 2-3 nodes on the selected segment and put them in the wet sand, covered with foil.

The temperature is maintained at about 20°C., and after 10 days, appear from the roots. Rooted plants are transplanted into pots. Soil for transplanting should consist of turf, humus earth and sand.

Diseases and pests of achyranthes

Main pests: spider mites, whiteflies, and aphids. To fight them, using special solutions, for example, the drug «Aktara».

The lack of moisture the leaves first droop, then fall. The lack of lighting causes the leaves change colors. At low temperature the plant loses its elasticity and goes out.

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