Ionium — care at home

Aeonium care

If the branches of your plants have a kind of wonderful fairy flower, so you grow Aeonium.

Despite this houseplant, it seems that the pot exhibited a lush bouquet.

And when even with the «petals» hanging yellow bunches, which are the real flowers, it seems that this plant in some fantastic way «landed» on another planet.

Care Aonuma at home

To admire this beauty, make flower Aeonium care by all the rules.

The temperature regime provides for the difference parameters in the daytime and at night (20-300C and 12-180C, respectively). In the sleep period it is possible to maintain a lower temperature (but not below +50C).

Lighting should be abundant under direct sunlight. In the warm season (may – September) Aeonium feels comfortable in the fresh air. In other months, make sure he gets a place under the sun on the South windowsill.

Watering is carried out only during the growing season. The frequency of watering increases gradually from the month of March. With the slowing of active growth is reduced and the number of irrigations (up until November).

The purpose of summer watering is not to let the earth moist (but not waterlogged). In winter, the most important short-term rare moisture of the soil to maintain the humidity of the roots.

Fertilizer is not required, if the drainage uses the compost. But if the plant is a long time to replant in a new container, Ionium should from time to time to feed the irrigation fertilizers (may-September).

The soil should be nutritious enough and drained. That the plant is well developed, the soil composition should be: the earth from the garden, perlite, humus, bone meal, charcoal (2:3:2:1:1).

Growing Aonuma

If you grow house Aeonium, plant care have to be extremely careful. One of the main stages in the development of amazing flower can be called the transplantation and reproduction.

To transplant the plant into a new pot, pull the flower from the old container should be very careful not to damage the roots.

Clean them from the remnants of the earth and carefully review each spine. Only when you’re sure no damage or signs of decay, feel free to re-pot Aeonium.

Wise with soil composition should not be – the substrate is the same as above, except fresh enough.

Aeonium care

Certain time of transplantation does not exist, but it is better to hold this event every 3 years.

To propagate this plant is not difficult – it gives the seeds that take root easily in wet soil.

Growers often apply the method of cuttings. But this only works in the active growth period of Ionium.

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