Iochroma — care at home


Iochroma – bushy plant, growing in the mountains of South America.

Flower constantly in need of fresh air, so it is very bad moves not ventilated housing conditions.

Besides iochroma dangerous for people, as toxic.

Growing iochroma

 Location and lighting

Iochroma more greenhouse or garden plant, than room. Growing it in the apartment, should be aware of this.

She loves warmth and plenty of sunlight. If you are growing a flower in a pot, you should not leave his day in the sun in direct light.

But morning or evening sun will have a positive impact on the development of the plant. The flower will be very grateful if he in the summer will be a long time to be on the street, for example, on the balcony or summer cottage. But it is important to remember that the fragile stems can easily break off from the wind.


In the summer of iochroma actively growing at 22-25°C. in winter at 10°C is resting. When the plant «knows» that winter has come, it will probably drop all its leaves, but with the arrival of spring and rising temperatures will appear young.

Watering and humidity

Flower receives enough moisture, if water it twice a week. In the summer we need to wait until the top layer of soil only will be a little dry.

And in the winter between waterings the soil should dry out completely, that is, at this time, iochroma need to be watered 1 time per seven days. You can do without a gun, because the flower is undemanding relative humidity.


Fertilizer you can use regular. For example, every two weeks during the period of active plant growth (spring and summer) in water for irrigation, you can add liquid fertilizer.

If the summer flower to provide regular watering and fertilizing, then it is most likely to bloom in the height of summer.

Transplantation and propagation

This whimsical flower every year needs a transplant. Thus it is necessary to use peat, sod or humus earth with an admixture of sand.

The new pot must be provided for acceptable drainage. As soon as summer arrives, plant it is possible to propagate by cuttings.

For this you need to cut the stem, anoint it corporatesem composition and plant in slightly moist soil. Further, the handle serves a light transmissive package and leave in a warm place.

Pests and fight with them

The main pest plants are whiteflies and spider mites. Whiteflies can be destroyed with bare hands.

For example, to use tape for catching flies, and in extreme cases a vacuum cleaner. Spider mites will help defeat wash the leaves with cold water, and tincture of garlic or onion.

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