Installation of decking – decking

installation of decking – Teresa doska

Decking — the perfect modern finish to the open areas in the suburban area.

This decking Board can be used to floor the outdoor pool, terraces, sauna, shower cabin, Wharf.

In General, you need installation of dupinga in open areas exposed to natural precipitation and temperature changes to extend the life of the structure.

Made garden decking from exotic species of wood: massaranduba, teak, IPE, Cumaru and our Siberian larch.

Decking – decking (outdoor flooring)

The floor of this high-quality material, practically does not rot, and with proper treatment, can last a century. Decking made from wood-polymer composite.

Decking is not affected by fungi, insects avoid it, besides it has a high resistance to external natural influences.

Care is simple enough, dirt is not absorbed and easily washed off with water. Visually from a natural tree practically does not differ.

Decking made of natural material, gives comfort, this decking is perfectly combined with decorative plants (boxwood, thuja, cypress), and has heat even after sunset, long retains heat.


All of these benefits devoid of cheap decking of polymers. Durability of decking can be increased if the varnish or special coatings.

Installation of decking available even specialist, you first need to prepare the surface for flooring. It should be dry and clean.

It is advisable to be made of concrete with a slight slope to drain water. The joists must rise above the earth, and to invest in the direction of the water draining at a distance of up to 0.4 m.from each other.

The Arab League laid on top of decking with a gap of 2-3cm. This applies to outdoor terraces and other areas. When installing the decking in the room boards are placed firmly and thoroughly attached with special fasteners.

The most common mistakes made by builders during the installation of decking associated with inexperience and can lead to poor results.

Don’t try to save money, stick to the recommended size between the joists, the optimal distance of 40cm., with a larger gap, the load on the deck increases, which can lead to deformation of the decking.

The material under the influence of external factors may be, during the year, the Board will «grow». Terraced five-meter Board during the year, increasing to 2.5 cm, this should be taken into consideration dekinga, and to leave a gap between the wall and the Board.

For flooring it is necessary to use materials of the composite, in an ordinary wooden Board coefficient of expansion is different from the decking, and, as practice shows, over time the Board just pulls out.

Make sure that the mount is firmly drawn Board, it is important, if necessary, take a longer screw.

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