Indoor palm trees — the name and description

Indoor palm trees - the name and description

Increasingly in interior decoration, use potted palm trees.

Therefore, not only in offices they can be found, but in a residential area.

And they really create a cozy atmosphere, adding atmosphere of uniqueness.

Bedroom palm tree names and description

Varieties of trees which grow at home, you can enumerate a lot. We will focus on those who have long settled in the apartments.

Date palm Canary. Direct branching is not a trunk diameter up to 1 m can grow in the wild up to 18 m. Therefore, for this plant preferred areas with high ceilings.

The leaves of this potted palm trees are collected at the top, and there are more than 150 pieces. They are short and reach a length of 6 m.

Palm has the male flowers are cream in color and female is yellow-orange, clustered in branched inflorescences. If you’re lucky, the plant will give fruits orange.

Palm Butia. Refers to the plumose varieties of indoor palm trees. In the home grow dwarf individuals of this species reaching a height of 40 cm.

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The specifics of this palm at the base of the capitate is thickening. Long (up to 4 m) rigid, arc-shaped leaves divided into leaf plates 100 pairs, petiolate, covered with felt in young individuals, and thorns in adults.

From the axils of the upper leaves grow in a loose panicle-inflorescence with red flowers. Then here are ripe fragrant oval fruit is similar to apricots.

Washingtonia. This kind of fan room of Palma. The premises contain only young specimens, the plant has good growth and eventually will need more space than is available in the living room.

So that Washingtonia is more of an office plant. On long 2-foot stalks of this room palm trees grow original the leaves reach a diameter of 2 m.

Plate them strong dissected into narrow segments, which makes the letters look like small webs. Lower stem leaves eventually die zasyhaya in the form of brown skirts.

Hove. What good is this palm – she’s sluggish growth. Every year she produces not more than 2 leaves. The maximum length of the plants – 3 m

Decorative indoor palm tree of this species give a bright green pinnate 3-meters leaves divided into long, pointed shards.

This palm has 2 common subspecies, which differ

Indoor palm trees - the name and description

it leaf segments.

Hove Belmore has a reddish petioles and bluish leaf plate segments which are curved arc.

Have Hovei Forster the leaves are light green, arranged horizontally to the trunk. The pen segments narrow and straight.

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