Indoor Azalea care at home

care of Azalea

For maintenance and care of Azalea in the home best suited types of house plants: «Japanese», «Indian».

They grow to 50 cm in height and tolerate pruning enabling to form the desired shape of the crown.

Azalea is a bright representative of the Heather family, at home in the natural conditions found in forested and Alpine terrain. Blooms mainly in winter, in a few months.

The plant is not very capricious, but, nevertheless, care for Azalea, or delight you, it will not be long.

If you do not adhere to important rules, Azalea wither. Before you purchase this beauty you need to prepare the place for the maintenance of a flower.

It is better to focus on the conditions in the natural habitat. Azalea loves the fresh air, filtered sunlight, coolness, and almost afraid of drafts.

Azalea loves moisture, water it the plant should be regularly and abundantly, but carefully so the root system was constantly in a damp environment, this is detrimental to her.

Also, caring for Azalea, don’t forget about spraying the plants with water from a spray bottle.

This procedure moisturizes the air and fills the plant with moisture, especially on hot days helps to fight with fever. For irrigation use cool, separated water.

As already mentioned, Azalea does not like high ambient temperature, optimum conditions for maintenance of the apartment between +12 º to +20 º C., above is not desirable.

In a particularly hot period on the edge of a flower pot to put the pieces of ice. Be careful not to damage the roots.

The importance in the care of the Azalea is the selection of the soil. It needs to have an acid reaction and consist of sand, peat and substrate for conifer plants. A drainage layer of expanded clay on the bottom of the binding.

Like many plants, Azalea needs soil fertilizer, especially in flowering period and active growth.

Make feeding from early spring until autumn. It is better to use a special complex fertilizer for azaleas, twice a month.

During the formation of buds, it is desirable to increase the amount of light, then flowering will last longer.

Also, don’t forget to remove poveglia flowers, and sprinkling the plant keep the water from falling on them, otherwise they will rot and fade.

At the end of flowering the plant begins to carry out work associated with pruning or if you need to conduct the transplant.

Adults azaleas transplanted every four years, the young can year. Pruning the plant is necessary for the formation of the crown and remove weak, rotten and damaged branches.

Plant propagation choose a strong, not damaged semi-annual cuttings. They are cut during the formation of the crown and put it into the mix for these colors.

Then you need to create a greenhouse effect and periodically watered. Cuttings rooted within 40-45 days.

Adhering to these simple care tips for Azalea, your beauty will have a healthy appearance and bloom profusely.

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