Incubator for chickens with their hands

incubator for chickens

Now, many vacationers in summer give birth to chickens. Profitable!

But with store-bought chickens problem — sick and often die.

Nine years ago we started thinking about our own incubator, but had no idea how to do it and most importantly, why?

At the moment the choice fell on the chest of my grandmother. Turned out to be roomy incubator.

The output of eggs is about 80%, it all depends on oplodotvorennogo eggs (fresh), chicken is good, strong.

So, for making this incubator will need:

  • treasure chest wooden box);
  • thermostat;
  • thermometer for temperature control;
  • 6 oblique electric cartridges and 6 bulbs;
  • 3-5 m of cable.

On the walls of the chest strap secured, to put on the net (not too thick, cut to size).

Under the mesh put water containers (we are cups from the disposable tableware, they are less evaporates water) as it evaporates through the grid fill up with water 35-40°C.

The height from the bottom to the grid depends on the height of the water tank. To monitor the temperature in the middle of the grid chests attached thermometer on a strip of foam, and attached to it the transactions from the thermostat, through the drilled hole so that its tip was directly next to the mercury thermometer.

It is important that the thermometer was at the level of the eggs. Eggs during the laying in the incubator, notice the marker on the one hand draw (+), but on the other-respectively (-).

It is possible to withdraw eggs of different birds from chickens to ducks, except inducing (as Indochine egg covered with foil).

The output of eggs is always good, if not formed any emergency situations (power outages).

In such case, you can use the battery, and if not, then come to the rescue blankets, pillows, plastic bottles with hot water — pour, and saving the heating pad ready!

To monitor the temperature in the trunk lid of the incubator in the middle of the cut out window was covered with glass.

Additionally, the cover made 4 small holes for ventilation. The chest upholstering fiberboard or any insulation, cardboard (if it doesn’t hold heat).

Separately store graph, write a calendar where the first day, the day of bookmarks, and next in order days, we fix the temperature, the mode of spraying and so on. The last day out.

The first 3 days were the Chicks should be kept in the incubator, subject to change 1 light bulb and open the cover (the Cup and the grid removable).

Once brood over, propylaen each chicken from a Cup (immersion nozzle) solution (1 tab. metronidazole purchased at a pharmacy, half a litre of water) and then we sing them the same solution 3-5 days (drink for themselves). Repeat this party in 2 weeks, waste is not seen.

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