Impregnation bath wood protection

impregnation baths

Why the need for impregnation baths?

The answer is simple: «to bath will serve you for as long as possible!», because in hot and humid.

And in such an environment is quite intense multiplication of bacteria, which lead to the destruction of wood.

Can also start the bug that causes the darkening of the material, and it is a direct path to the fire. And appearance is of great importance.

After all, we go to the sauna to relax and unwind. It is important to know that in addition to the interior, the impregnation need and external parts. So, what types of treatment exist?

Impregnation of wood by means of wax-based. Protection and excellent appearance. The purpose of the reporting tools – protection material (wood).

The basis of this tool — wax, whereby the surface feels smooth and pleasant. Apply impregnation on the ceiling two times, after which the room is ventilated.

Immediately prior to coating must be degreased ceiling, and, if necessary, to cover it with putty.

Such impregnation protects against moisture, because the ceiling is much more factors, than on the walls.

Impregnation using wax, you can get the protection material and excellent appearance.

Fire retardant impregnation for wood. Safety first!

This treatment is designed exclusively for the outer parts of the bath because it contains chemicals that evaporates, can have a negative impact on human health.

Main purpose – protection of wood against fire.

Whitening impregnation for wood. Double to anything. Often the covering will darken, especially at the bottom of the steam room. Impregnation «Bessie» will help you to avoid re-plating expensive material.

To effectively cope with the fungus, lends a fresh look to the room. Also, the tool is useful for removing paint residues, for example, of the fence. Dark spots do not belong here.

Impregnation for wood antiseptic. Small insects — great harm.

This tool contributes to the destruction of various insects and other disease-causing organisms, which destroy the structure of the tree and is antiseptic.

Contains chemicals, so you need to avoid impregnating this means residential premises — there are special impregnation agents for wood in the steam room.

Modern impregnation for baths and saunas. Quickly and durable. Natural wood is a beautiful natural material that is prone, however, darkening and various diseases.

Such processing, is impregnated with a special tool that can easily be protected from the negative effects of moisture.

Apply once, wait one day, and you can bathe and get a real pleasure. A big plus is antiseptic action.

Impregnation for saunas Eurotex – saves you money without sacrificing quality. Not always purchase expensive equipment justified.

All funds for the impregnation baths and saunas have a similar structure and accordingly a similar effect. Price premiums «for the brand» — the law of the market.

So it makes sense to buy a Eurotex. After all, saving money without compromising quality nice!

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