Ifeyon — care at home


Perennial bulbous plant of the Lily family.

Has dark green narrow leaves form.

Flowers white, blue, pink and purple flowers with a diameter up to 3 cm In height can reach 20 cm Flowering is in late spring.

Summer is the dormant period, and the plant drops leaves. Ifeyon to grow in the garden or indoors.

Growing ipheion

 Location and lighting

The plant is undemanding, but it requires protection from wind. Suitable for planting in Sunny or lightly shaded spot.

Grows well on drained, with abundant leafy humus of the soil. If ifeyon grown outdoors, in the winter it should be for insulation to cover the non-woven material.


The optimum temperature for the maintenance of eveyone summer +12 ÷ 15 ° C in winter, +18 ÷ 22 ° C.

Watering and humidity

Moderate watering is required. In the intervals between watering the soil should be slightly dry. The plant does not tolerate waterlogging. In the dormant period, summer, bulbs, watering is not necessary.


In the winter, to feed the complex mineral fertilizers every 2-3 weeks. Summer not need to fertilize, after the beginning of flowering feeding is stopped.

Transplantation and propagation

Reproduction vegetatively. Every 2-3 years in late August – September of daughter bulbs separated. Drop them off at a depth of 5-6 cm at a distance of 8 cm from each other. It is possible to grow seeds.

Pests and fight with them

Ifeyon suffering from spider mites, mealybug and aphids. Mites are small insects which are difficult to spot on the plant.

But the leaves are clearly visible their bites. To control mites, use folk remedies – infusions of garlic, onion, yarrow and alder. From the store of drugs — Malathion, sulfur, aktellik.

When the plant is mealybug leaves covered with white bloom. Although it can affect any part of the plant.

The control of this pest includes: wiping with an alcohol infusion, spraying soap solution with garlic, onions, peel an orange or Mandarin. From the purchase of drugs suitable intavir, fufanon, decis.

Aphids are a small insect, can be a different color. Very quickly multiplies. She, feeding on plant SAP, causing him great harm.

If Ifeyon severely infected, the leaves need to be removed. For the destruction of remains of aphids used infusions of garlic, onions, hot pepper. You can use chemicals, such as AntiVir or Malathion.

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