Hydroponics — growing plants without soil


Hydroponics, so one word is called growing plants without soil in artificial nutrient media which contain the food elements in easily digestible form in the desired concentrations and ratios.

Growing hydroponically is built on several principles, which provide favorable conditions for the supply of roots and plant development.

1. Providing persistent access of air to the root system.

2. The creation of normal conditions for the roots for moisture. They have a large area suction and soft cover, so it is impossible to prevent them from drying out, you can die.

3. The establishment of a simple root contact with nutrient medium, which provides better absorption of water and dissolved mineral salts.

Hydroponics depending on the nutritional environment is divided into substrate culture (plants grown on solid alternatives to soil substrates which are moistened with a nutrient solution) and aeroponika (air-culture).

When growing plants in an inert substrate substitutes soil: vermiculite, gravel, perlite, expanded clay, sand.

Such substitutes are well-suited for disinfection, do not enter into chemical reaction with the mineral salts in the water and provides great access of air to the roots.

Home hydroponics gardening is practiced by growers in several ways flow of nutrient solutions to the root system of plants.

1. Moisten the substrate with normal irrigation.

2. Single filling dishes with a nutrient solution in which roots penetrate through the substrate and the air layer. In the end, a large part of the roots is moist air area that provides good air power.

3. Fueling, watering with a nutrient solution through the drip tray. As a substrate for growing indoor plants by hydroponics, it is best suited vermiculite, expanded clay and peat, they are not absorbent, sterile, and air and water permeability.

Moss and sand can be used only if not in the presence of the above substrates. When growing ornamental annual and biennial flowering plants, it is advisable to use the method of hydroponics.

The nutrient solution can be prepared individually by dissolving in the required amount of water certain proportion of chemical salts containing phosphorus, nitrogen, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, boron and so on.

Each salt is dissolved in a separate bowl and then mix.

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