Hydrogel for plants

hydrogel for plants

To live in the summer in the country, the dream of many, but not all can afford it, for different reasons.

Most of it was outdoors only on the weekends but if the weather is hot and no rain, plants begin to suffer for lack of moisture, to dry.

Moisture-loving garden plants can even die.

To solve the problem of water will help hydrogel for plants sold in stores, especially since he has already received good reviews from gardeners.

Hydrogel for plants

Hydrogel for plants, is a polymer, which is called acrylamide, and in appearance like granulated sugar.

Feature of hydrogel granules is that they absorb water and become custodians of moisture, greatly increasing in size.

Hydrogel for plants is useful because when plenty of moisture absorbs it into himself, and the shortage of releases it to plants. In both cases, saves garden plants from drying out and waterlogging.

The use of hydrogel is not the end, granules of acrylamide increase the quality of the soil by diluting the clay of the earth and making lumpy much bulk while using the hydrogel, amount of fertilizers reduced by half.

Some gardeners have noticed that growing seedlings at home with the addition of hydrogel for plants, it grows stronger and more qualitative. Although I will not argue, I myself at home it was not used only in the summer vegetable garden.

If you believe the manufacturers, hydrogel for plants, its validity is large, even five years after adding to the soil, the efficiency will remain at 90%.

Hydrogel for plants making dry approximately 50 g of granules on 1.m. for ordinary garden soil. For clay soils less about 35g of the hydrogel to sand more than 75-100g. granules.

Make acrylamide before watering, but he should be more abundant than usual. The soil should become more voluminous and airy.

For crops with shallow-rooted hydrogel for plants

hydrogel for plants

add no deeper than 7-10cm. For plants with strong roots running deep into, it is better to make granules when planting directly into the hole.

Immediately prior to introduction of the hydrogel during digging, granules (50g) can be soaked in a bucket of water, within an hour, they swell and become ready to use.

Also, this method is suitable for adding hydrogel for plants in boxes, pots, and so on. If you add the pellets in a dry form, after swelling, they will squeeze out of the soil along with the plant.

As an experiment, you can make a hydrogel for plants on the beds of water-loving crops, and after make sure that the result really meet your expectations, you can implement the kind of pellets other plants.

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