Hydrangea tree – planting and care

Hydrangea tree

It is also called smooth hydrangea and wild. It is a variety of flowering plants.

There are about a hundred species. There are both shrubs and vines.

The flower is very popular, so gardeners all over the world trying to put him in the garden.

To well grown hydrangea tree, planting should be carried out correctly.

The soil will need to provide drained. Place highlight in light shade.

Can withstand sunlight, but only if the flower is in the room. Here it is possible to constantly humidify the air.

Does not tolerate drying out the soil cover. Such conditions will lead to wilting and leaf fall further. Lack of moisture will affect the flowers.

They will be small and the plant will stop growing. So you need to remember that the flower needs a good watering.

Hydrangea tree — planting

It is best to plant in the spring but before the buds. The depth of the planting hole should be about 50 cm, width 40 cm

But it is worth saying that the size of the hole depends on how high Bush and what his root system. The bottom of the pit poured a mixture of peat and compost and be sure to add mineral fertilizer in quantities of 50 g.

In the center of the hole on a small mound is hydrangea tree, landing neatly performed with no violations of the root system. The root neck it is possible to extend a couple of inches.

If there is more growth stopping. Next to the Bush the soil is compacted to prevent the formation of voids, since they can be the root cause drying out of roots.

Bush carefully watered, but the amount of water that it leaked into the soil to a depth of about 50 cm.

Hydrangea tree care

That the plant is well developed, need regular fertilizing. Mineral and organic fertilizers will help to lay the buds for future blooms. You can also purchase a fertilizer complex.

It includes all the necessary elements. Feeding is carried out, starting with the planting of shrubs, and continue during the entire active growth period. First time making carry out in early June.

For this purpose, the fermented poultry manure. It is diluted with water 1: 10. Also add a comprehensive fertilizer. The second time I bring dressing in a couple weeks.

To fertilize but stop in July, to shoots in time for winter travelnet.

Well-developed hydrangea tree care is circumcision. The shortening of the shoots stimulates the development of large blossoms.

And since they are formed on young shoots, pruning should be performed in late March-early April. An adult plant needs a strong haircut.

The escape shortened to ¾ length, with kidney should be no more than three. Also remove the dry and weak branches.

Hydrangea tree – planting and care

To have survived the winter well hydrangea tree care includes construction of shelter.

The most simple way is the shelter of the Bush, fallen leaves, sawdust or straw. Mulch is placed immediately after the first frost.

But for some varieties, a deep shelter. For this purpose, the specific covering material.

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