Hybrids cucumbers, gherkins


One of the heat-loving crops that grow in our gardens – cucumbers.

At low temperatures of air and soil (8-12°C) the growth of cucumbers is much slower and may even stop.

And at decrease to + 5°With cucumbers die. That is why this vegetable in most parts of Russia it is necessary to grow in the greenhouse.

The fruits of cucumbers are 97% water, they are very small amount of fat, protein and carbohydrates.

And about 3% is macro — and microelements, carotene, vitamins b, C, PP, and a sufficient amount of potassium, which has beneficial effects on the heart and blood vessels.

Cucumbers also contain fiber, which removes from the body excess cholesterol.

Among gardeners have become very popular to use cucumber hybrids. They are generally high yielding and contain almost no seeds.

Among these isolated cucumber parthenocarpic (does not require pollination) and pollinated by bees.

Also popular win cucumbers gherkins. It is quite an independent type of hybrid cucumber, length 3-8cm Cucumbers gherkins are grown for canning, usually marinating.

Cucumbers can be grown seedlings, and no seedling method. To grow cucumbers for early harvest are recommended to use propagation techniques in the greenhouse.

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