Hyacinths growing in the country

hyacinths cultivation

Hyacinths – beautiful flowers of different colors, with a delicious flavor that fills your garden during their flowering.

They are very versatile, as they can grow and flourish not only in the garden but also at home in flower pots.

You can even make so that they will bloom in due time and before a certain date.

For this you need to put pots planted with bulbs in them, not in Sunny and lightly shaded the window.

Under pasture the stalks to move it into the light for 2-3 weeks before the expected date.For growing hyacinths take healthy bulbs, hold them a little potassium permanganate solution and after drying, put in the ground.

Covered with earth at 7-8 cm from the top mulching and watering. To water hyacinths recommend not abundant, and locations for planting choose a Sunny, moisture is not retained for a long time.

The most favorable time for planting is spring.

In April – may (see the region that was not frost) to prepare the soil for planting in 10 days, dig up, loosen.

In the holes for the bulbs, you can add river sand 2 cm, and then a bit of humus mixed with soil.

The soil should always breathe in the place where you plant the hyacinths. 2 weeks after flowering, hyacinths can be fed a special fertilizer for tulips.

In June hyacinths dig, dry bulb and put in the fridge. Store them preferably in a paper bag or cardboard box.

After about 4 weeks the bulbs can start to expel the stems. This should not scare you. Then take them out of the package and transplanted into flower pots.

Put on the same technology and put for germination. Then the beautiful winter hyacinths will delight you with its beauty and unforgettable aroma.

After flowering, do the same as did in the spring, dig and dry the bulbs and put in storage until the spring in the refrigerator.

But there is another way to store hyacinth bulbs. They can be planted in pots or containers with soil, pre-laying out with moss the bottom and sides of the container.

Then the containers obvolakivaet layer film for greenhouses, on top of the landing to sprinkle fallen leaves or peat and then earth.

Bury containers in the ground for 50 to 80 cm and cover the top with foil. The spring to open the film and dig up the containers to plant bulbs and care for them as usual. These beauties will brighten your garden all spring.

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