Hyacinths – care at home

Hyacinths at home

The beauty of the hyacinth can be seen in February, when outdoors winter reigns.

The bright colors of the flower is a definite signal that soon there will come long-awaited spring.

Many gardeners have this plant, but those who first acquired it, do not always know how to grow hyacinth at home.


For the propagation of hyacinth bulbs is used. Them gently removed from the pot and remove the soil, put in a wooden container and define it in a warm place, but it is important to exclude the direct rays of the sun.

This approach will help the plants to lay sturdy stems and continue to give a greater number of children. An important step is considered a preventive measure is treatment with the drug «Barrier».

Here’s what you need to do to further well the hyacinth bloomed. After the Mature plant Bud, leave it in the pot until mid-July. You need to remove faded flowers but not stems.

In this case, the bulb becomes much more powerful. It is important to consider that children can be removed from the parent bulb, or they can die.



Hyacinth in the home will grow and bloom well if correctly executed landing. The bulbs need to select only the healthy and the largest.

The size of the pot choose average. Its depth should be two tubers of about 5 cm Prepared nutrient soil consisting of 1 part of turf, 2 lobes of leaf soil and 1 part peat and river sand.

The onion is not bury into the ground, but only sprinkled. The top of the plant should remain on the surface. At the same time and between the follicles need to keep your distance.

A pot planted hyacinth is determined in a dark room where the temperature is less than +5°C. alternatively, you pot wrap dark film and transfer to the barn for about two months.

When the young seedlings reach 3-5 cm, put the pot in a location that is protected from the sun with temperatures from +10°C to +12°C. it is aged for several days after which move closer to the window.

Then put the plants on a place with good lighting, but without the draughts and radiators. Temperature from +15°C to +20°C. At this time, it is important that the soil in the pot was always moderately moist.

For the proper development of the pot periodically turn. Thus, we can say that basic care for hyacinth in the home is to systematic irrigation, but neat. Water must not penetrate to the surface of the bulb and into the cavity of the leaves.


Designed for hyacinths fertilizer in a wide range can be bought in a specialized flower shop.

Bred them in accordance with the instructions of the user. Feeding is carried out once in two weeks.

Hyacinths at home

If there is not enough lighting, you can install additional.

All of the above conditions of care can be called perfect. But even if some of them will be a bit broken, hyacinth still blooming.

Just the plant will be slightly smaller leaves, and the size of the buds will decrease slightly. But the prerequisite is the organization of the cold period, without it the plant may die.

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