Humus (vermicompost) with their hands

humus (vermicompost)

Humus or vermicompost is the primary organic matter of the soil.

Depending on the humus content, is determined by the fertility of the land.

The amount of humus (vermicompost) depends largely on earthworms and microorganisms living in the 5-15cm. from the surface.

So the main sign of a good and fertile soil is a large number of earthworms. Of course, the more, the better.

For the processing of humus (vermicompost) and for the normal functioning earthworms need organic mulch.

Besides, the worms loosen the soil perfectly, it is also necessary to plants in the garden, in the country. To obtain high-quality vermicompost in her garden or in the garden, you can create certain conditions for earthworms.

Humus (vermicompost) with their hands

Prepare organic matter (clean the potatoes, peel bananas, watermelons, husk sunflower seeds, etc.), any leftovers from vegetables and fruits.

Further, this all must be crushed in a food processor or grinder. Then in recycled organics, need to add wood chips or sawdust in a small amount.

Mix well, and taking in a fist, to try to overcome, if water is released to add more sawdust (preferably softwood), until, until no longer stand out liquid.

After this is cooked, mix with the earth of worms about (1:3), and after a while get a quality vermicompost.

Cooked very well attract earthworms. The quality of the resulting humus will depend on their number.

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