How useful gooseberries and how to collect

a'na koryst agruso

Gooseberry (Northern berry, goose berry) is growing throughout Russia since the XI century.

Homeland gooseberry is considered to be North Africa and Western Europe.

At present, there are 1500 varieties of gooseberries.

Before the gooseberries were called berserkir and were grown only in monasteries and Royal gardens, Bersenevskaya embankment (Moscow), received the name associated with this berry.

Gooseberries has a round, smooth shape.

Berry color varies from bright yellow to dark brown. The taste of this berry unforgettable, sweet and sour.

Gooseberry has medicinal properties, its berries and leaves are used in folk medicine, cosmetology.

Use of gooseberry:

  • rich in vitamins (A, E, B9, C, B1, B2, PP, B6);
  • contains tannin and pectin substances, flavonoids, dietary fiber;
  • in the berries contains organic acids (malic, folic, citric);
  • contains a large number of micro-and macroelements (iron, copper, iodine, zinc, phosphorus, sodium, calcium, cobalt, etc.).


Gooseberry is part of the infusions and decoctions that are applied for the treatment of depression, tumors of various types and inflammations, anemia, sclerosis, constipation, tuberculosis.

Medicinal properties of the berries help to excrete cholesterol. Gooseberry is a good diuretic and cholagogue.

Part of many diets for weight loss, is the gooseberry. The metabolism in the body is normal, if you regularly take the juice of gooseberry.

Mask from berries gooseberry moisturize and make your skin lighter for a short time, the application practically removes the oiliness of the skin.

In some cases it is forbidden to consume food prohibited: gastric ulcer, colitis, enteritis, diarrhea.

The berries can be eaten fresh, dried, boiled, salted and pickled. With gooseberries, prepare compote, jelly, jam and many other Goodies.

As already mentioned, the gooseberry is a wholesome and delicious berry, but many have the problem of how to make one?

Basically, all varieties of gooseberries, with prickly thorns, so picking the berries can seem a real challenge if you do not know simple rules:

  • should not rush;
  • be careful;
  • be very careful;
  • for the convenience of picking berries, find yourself a partner;
  • on one of the hand wear gloves or Verchenko;
  • clothing when berry should be made with long sleeves;
  • twigs with berries can be cut, then they Rob (the following year he will grow stronger);
  • you can use the arm cover made of canvas or plastic bottles;
  • Bush pre-drench with water, it is practically not drugs.


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