How to water an Orchid

How to water an Orchid

The dream of every grower – Orchid on the windowsill.

But don’t run the risk of having this plant in view of its medical care.

The slightest disturbance will lead to the death of the flower.

The correct watering of orchids

The main point to care for houseplant is knowing how to water an Orchid is the usual way doesn’t quite fit this beautiful exotic.

Some growers install irrigation mode (for example, every 3 days, weekly, etc.). With Orchid, this option does not pass until the next irrigation earthen substrate may be wet.

And excess moisture is the factor that triggers the disease of orchids.

Before talking about the timing of the watering of orchids should clarify things:

  • Flower tubers watered when the education will shrivel.


  • If the stem has no such outgrowths, the need to look at the condition of lower leaves — wait until they dry out.

Don’t forget to also check the substrate to give it some time to dry out after the previous watering.

Ways of watering orchids

Water the Orchid in several ways. And each watering should be moderate, so that the excess water does not stagnate.

  • Watering watering can do neatly, irrigating the entire surface of the flower pot. But try not to get into the «heart» of the Orchid – its growth point.


  • Fertile for orchids will shower with temperature above room temperature such watering is most similar to natural.


  • Dip the flower pot with the Orchid should be full (almost to the brim). But keep it in the water should not long, and the smaller the capacitance, the shorter the time for «drinking.» After dipping the flower should be moved half an hour in the empty bowl to the excess moisture drained out of the pot.

Any of the methods watering is best done in the morning – consider the biological clock of the plant.

Water requirements

Remember to water the Orchid, a no water cannot be used. Running water that flows from the tap, full of a large number of salts.

And it is harmful to plants. Therefore, pre-irrigation moisture or have to clean from salts, or to use a liquid of another quality.

  • Tap water should be boiled, and then How to water an Orchid

    gently pour into another container to separate from the scale.


  • Use the water filters. The liquid, which will be able to water the Orchid must go through 2-3 filtration cycle.


  • To reduce the hardness of normal water can be, if you dilute it with distilled water (but not replacing it).


  • Collect rain water – it is less hard. But before watering it should be defended.

Don’t forget to monitor the water temperature – it should not be cold.

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