How to use plant indicators to identify soil characteristics

plant indicators - the horsetail

Weeds in the garden, in the country, almost all gardeners is the same problem as garden pests, and plant diseases.

Getting rid of wild herbs that grow at breakneck speed and consistently starts in spring and continues all summer.

Getting rid of weeds is one of the most labor-intensive work to care for vegetable crops. But among all the disadvantages on the plus.

These plants are great indicatorsthat can tell you about the condition and characteristics of the soil.

In different regions, and even neighboring areas in the garden partnership, soils may differ significantly in the parameters.

Can be light and heavy, dense or loose, acidic, neutral and so on., some absorb moisture, others delay.

From these and other parameters depend on conditions favorable for the cultivation of certain crops, the quantity and quality of the crop.

Weeds in the garden grow on any soil, but some, like garden plants prefer certain conditions, which in turn helps the vacationers to determine its status.

Using vegetation indicators, it is possible to draw conclusions about the condition of the garden soil. Enough to make a diagram of weeds growing in different parts of the suburban area.

Then compare the requirements of various herbs to the soil, it is possible to draw some conclusions about the state of the earth. The more indicators of plants growing in one area, the more accurate will carry out the analysis.

Nettle grows in the fertile soil also suggest a large content of nutrients cleavers, field sow Thistle, dandelion, creeping Buttercup, plantain.

Smart indicators are moist soil plants such as goutweed ordinary, Ajuga repens, Equisetum. Conversely on the dryness of the soil indicates the plantain.

Sorrel, wild mustard loves calcareous soils. Viola tricolor is an indicator of acidic soil.

Nettle also dwells on lands which are rich in nitrogen. If the soil in your yard is heavy clay and her limited access of oxygen, Buttercup and

plant indicators - nettle

dandelion will prevail over the other plant lights.

In this case, it is necessary to conduct deep tillage and cultivation of the soil easier mixtures.

Alkaline and rocky soil feel well mother and stepmother and plants for rock gardens: anchusa, saxifrage and so on.

Light soils with a high acidity will be an excellent refuge for sage and violets and testify about what these plants are indicators.

Despite the characteristics of the soil in your garden and the garden, it is necessary to take options with the help of fertilizers, manure, humus, liming, compost, etc.

But even in spite of the importance of plant indicators, remember that weeds must be removed, because after a while they will capture your land.

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